Beautiful art can inspire a person to see life in a totally new way. Theo Jansen is the Dutch creator of what he calls "Kinetic Sculptures," where nature and technology meet. Essentially these sculptures are robots powered only by the wind.

Amazingly, these machines are made completely of recycled items. The 'stomach' of the sculpture is made with retired plastic bottles that capture the air pumped by the wind. To harness the wind, Jansen employs bicycle pumps, plastic tubing and rubber rings! Witness beauty through ingenuity :)


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  • Richard

    How in the hell are you supposed to make this video run ?? No matter what I do nothing happens...

  • Luci

    Just relearning about Buckminster Fuller. This contraption looks like it's based on Buckys technology. Just terrific!

  • karmveer

    a great salute to creativity and imaginations,having great prosperity in this technology

  • roselyne

    vraiment l'imagination est merveilleuse, des bouts de rien deviennent animés par les éléments....

  • Nick Vasiliou

    Neat. Idea's Are Endless

  • peter ladochy

    the mind and machinery-makes the heart beat fast;the most contemporary of mindful art sees both backward and forward-contributions. not a line is repeated;it's simplicity has seduced nature many pairs of legs?despite its plastic exterior...there are such attributes that say:"we are moving forward despite the impending tsunami.

  • judines

    wow very2x nice :) expermt

  • Sandeep Babbr

    Man's ingenuity and passion. what commitment and imagination... it shows that if a human being wants to do something he can achieve it. With committed people like the artist there is hope for this world and the next generation...keep it up and all the best.Warm Regards, Sandeep Babbr, New Delhi, India

  • Jay

    This is good, hope it would produce powered energy.

  • Renuka Taneja

    it is realy amazing... working with recycled material is realy amazing ... i work with kids ,, they do a lot of recycled art,, would surely show them this amazing art... wonderful...



  • Zeer

    Dear Theo what inspired me about your work was your commitment over time and the brief comment on what it must have been like to originally have created the world as we know it. Your creatures are exciting. I am glad you are here at this time doing what you do thank from Zeer in Tasmania, Australia.

  • Rosie

    What's inspiring about this video is capturing this moving art in a way that transports me to the location. I can feel the wind, hear the art creature moving, feel the sand, the temperature. The Art itself demonstrates perseverance by the artist, and co-creating on so many levels.

  • Steph

    The Art of course! That is fantastic!

  • Yvonne

    what an absolute joy! imagination IS greater than knowledge.................

  • Phyllis

    I love the whimsy of these creations and the perseverance of this lovely man. This sure raised my vibration today !!

  • CC

    I thought it was made of bamboo - a renewable resource. Brilliant engineering. What fun.

  • Joanne

    What inspired you about this video?.. The inventiveness, the "creature-like" movements and animation and the great thought process that went into it.

  • Joanne

    Quite Charming... I want one. <;-)

  • Kim

    Had to show the entire family, we love this! Brilliant!

  • abhijeet

    true engineering.....

  • sukawakan

    Far out! Love the combination of art and science. Truly inspired!

  • Eliane

    Beautiful! The Panamarenko of Holland: ecological design, mysthic technology born out of the powers of nature, ...

  • Kelly

    This is absolutely incredible! To watch from mere 'baby steps' to walking without 'dad's' help is amazing and to think "they will be walking the beaches" after Theo Jansen, the Dutch creator, is gone, is remarkable!!

  • heather

    thats amazing

  • heather

    that is so cool that a person can build a wind powerd creature. my school read the boy who harrnessed the wind and that made me want to build a wind mill, and this video makes me want to build some kind of wind powerd something.

  • Viviane

    Amazing. Now could these creatures or the technology behind them have some practical use?

  • dhiru soni

    This is synergy between nature and engineering - which equals to an innovative art form. Congratulations!

  • suzyq

    I love how he has animated an inanimate object and now it has a life of its own. Otherworldly.

  • Lani

    What inspired you about this video? He's genius! amazing creations... love it!

  • Vishal Ashani

    Nothing is impossible in this world.

  • Susan

    I love the sails part. The way they were waving from one end to the other so gently and elegently. Wow you are amazing and the way the creations moved. So inspiring. I love seeing people's creative sides. Who knows what this will bring?

  • Marilyn

    How out of the ordinary. Truly a genius at work.

  • Elissa Geagea

    amazingggggggggggg!!!! wawwwwwww

  • Thomas

    the sheer depth of this mans imagination is breathtaking, science meets soul in a way that gives life to the lifeless.amazing!

  • Ray Kingsbury

    This broadened my view

  • Savitri

    It is just beautiful to watch the creations in motion plus the little dog is cute.

  • Emily

    It is like a wind up toy but it is actualy from the wind! Amazing!

  • sulbha

    its amazing and truely would definitely help to boost use of natural it.

  • Elaine

    He has a very different way of seeing the world & is inspirational in his conceptional ideas of life & offering his talent to us.

  • taufik

    wow....really amazing

  • Johnny

    Amazing. The imagination. Time and efforts spent requires dedication and patience.

  • Diane Przyborowski

    The simple/complex beauty, the inspiration, the quiet peace and joy of the artist

  • Avi

    What imagination!! This is creativity at its best...Truly amazing..

  • Thomas

    A different man for a different world! Hearty congrats!

  • Jim Ortlieb

    It's a positive step toward peace.

  • Jim Baker

    The engineering and mechanics of the project.

  • rosefirewalker

    I admire people who think outside the box. Mr. Jansen's creations are both inspiring (because they are made from recycled materials), but they are lithe and lovely to watch.

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  • Learn more about Theo Jansen.
  • Watch Theo's TEDTalk on the development of his art.
  • Take an afternoon and build something from supplies in your house - give it to someone you care about.

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