"If there ever was an anti-aging pill, I would call it exercise," says Ernestine Shepherd. Behold the breathtakingly magnanimous story of Ernestine, who at the tender age of 71, started competitive bodybuilding. Her true motivational message is to inspire others to exercise and eat correctly. As Ernestine says, "Age is nothing but a number." So watch this BBC video report and join the revolution -- it is never too late to exercise and feel healthy.


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  • Deb

    Ernestine is such an inspiration...and that beautiful face & smile melted my heart. I had always been very active, but a heart attack, then hip & back problems stopped me about 2 years ago. Thank you Ernestine for inspiring me to get back in shape at age 67!

  • Mish

    I ❤️ Ernestine!!! She has that inner-glow shining out of her beautiful face. I am 70 & do a daily 40 minute aerobic workout , as well as hand-held weights every other day. Grateful I can.

  • A M Prasad

    I am 75 +, do yoga and 45 mts walk, a lot of serious reading and speaking in public, feel lonely, wish to keep fit physically and active mentally.I feel very inspired by the words, "age is nohing but a number". Thank u Emestine,

  • Kim

    Ernestine has a glow about her and her body it just beautiful!! I like that she started working out in her mid 50's. She gives me hope that one day my body will be as I envision it! Fit and fabulous!

  • mpume

    Wow! I am going to start walking to work tomorrow. I could not be inspired more. Be blessed!

  • Ann

    Her determination and generosity in giving back what she has been given by teaching others.

  • Vieja

    Gees! I'm getting lazy and need to ramp it up!

  • Charlotte

    gained way too much weight this past 3 years as I approach the big 60 I had resigned myself to " Middle age spread" then I see this wonderful lady.. I'm ashamed for throwing in the towel , but if I had more of her comments and inspiration I could reverse that negative outlook I have developed

  • nasim

    continue with it.I love this video.

  • Olive P

    Ms Shepherd, thank you for putting a spark of encouragement out there for us to be jumpstarted!



  • Cathy

    I need to talk to Ms Ernestine. I need help. I love this video.

  • Kathy

    WOW!!! I am a flabby 51 yo and feel so inspired now to get out and do some exercise! Thank you so much and God Bless you, Ernestine - you are an inspiration to women and mothers everywhere!!!

  • hithaishy

    Its never too late...You can start over...Never give up

  • Joyce

    That it is never to late and age ain't nothing but a number!

  • Kim knox

    This lady has inspired me. Im 52 years and im ready to begin body building

  • vera johnson

    I love this video!!1

  • Cynthia Aytch

    The inspiration for me about this video is that you can start to improve yourself and your health at any age. When I try to exercise I always say "This hurts to bad". Like they say NO Pain NO Gain! You have just saved my Life! Thank You!

  • Lisa

    "As we think, so we become." Thank you for the motivation, Ernestine.

  • Ana

    There is no such thing as too old to exercise. Ernestine, looks awesome. Congratulations!

  • Robert

    This women is incredible and beautiful, she is an inspiration to all people.

  • Elaine Baker

    I need to exercise to heal my spinal stenosis

  • karla

    thats the ticket

  • Rina

    Ernestine, you are such a beautiful woman! Thank you for giving me an example how a 75 years old woman has to look, to feel, to think, to move. I am 55 years old and I am ashamed that my belly isn't as flat as your and my body isn't as fit as yours. And now I don't have any excuses for my laziness.

  • Peri

    All these days I want to start doing exercise but never tried, never took a chance to start it, not even once... After watching this video, I regret that I wasted all these days & motivates me to start as its not too late though I have wasted all the days until today. Cheers to her persistence & consistency & stubborn... Great!!

  • Craig

    It's never too late to pursue another path. It's so true that age is but a number. What an inspiration.

  • Diana

    I love the fact that she started at age 71! For so many things, school, career, exercise, etc. it is a reminder that it is never too late to start.

  • sandra

    I love her attitude. Having someone to workout with helps keep up the motivation--I have not found that inner spirit to continue exercise by myself. i am 57 divorced trying to get back on track with my health, finding that continued motiation is difficult. I love her message, thanks for sharing

  • Jim-el

    Oh, thank you Ernestine. I'm half a generation behind you in age (but a great-grandpa already), so I've got 3 years yet before I have to get started. It's reassuring that procrastinating another few years isn't gonna spoil things for my fit and illustrious future. For now I'll just do some more online research: "recliner exercises," "effort-free physique," "feeding-frenzy fitness." I'll be surprised if the Internet can't produce 10,000 pages of results! With all that clicking and reading and fantasizing to do, I'm sure my "behind" will be in even greater need of toning by three years from now. But, in another way of looking at it, for the next year or so I'm the best I'm gonna be for a while, so ya better get in touch right away ....

  • Deobrah

    What inspired me the most about this particular video is Ernestine age and how FANTASTIC she looks. I always said, "age is an attitude!" and Ernestine, Girl, you've got "attitude!" lol Sharing this with all of my family & friends.....Ernestine....you're putting us all to "shame," but in a good way....looking at you and hearing your words makes me want to do even better in my journey of "losing weight & getting fit!" Thanks for the Inspiration....

  • Florence

    The Perseverance and making it a habit will never stop anyone from doing anything. I am proud of u an u r a real role model to prove that age is just a number. Keep on u will do it !

  • Heather

    It's never too late! Fantastic inspiration Ernestine, thank God for people like you!

  • M V Sethuraman

    Better late than never

  • ArunChikkop

    All My life I was called "the skiiny" by every one I met and talked to. You have inspired me to start treating myself with good attitude and work out and I promise you I will do it and live with Prosperity. Thanks Ernestine and Thank You Karma Tube for sharing.

  • magdalena

    Every little thing inspires me in this beautiful video, the image and voice of a gorgeous, juicy, ALIVE woman makes me smile and brings joy to my soul. We all have an Ernestine inside and I thank her for letting us share in her journey.Begin your own journey today !!!!!

  • Phyllis


  • yvonne

    The possibility of LOOKING like that inspired me! wow I want to know what she eats....... :-) Bless her and all she inspires! wow wow wow

  • Wayne

    What inspired me about this video...Everything!!!

  • Judy

    I loved her shining face and great outlook on life, plus she is helping others. This just encourages me to do more, go further.

  • Lani Phillips

    Every moment of this video inspired me~! At 53 I have let myself go, and why? Ernestine's video just filled me with the courage and strength to change and recreate myself~ Thank you, thank you, thank you Ernestine~

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    How can you not be impressed with this Lady. Her attitude is really great!

  • john

    i feel older with 37 than her :) amazing this is so inspirtational for someone having been illhealthed for long time. may she inspire many more people :)

  • Pam

    Everything!! I am almost 57 and I am in better shape..inside and out than when I was in my 20's... what and inspiration!!

  • Rosa

    That`s right... Age is just a number,I`m still working out. I`m doing my best to achieve my goal, to build my body like Ernestine. And see this video make me feel that, yes, I can make..and I will do...

  • miguel

    ernestine thanks for being fearless,and so corageous,i am from mexico where theres a lot of descrimination going on for people over 40 years old in this country if you are over 40 forget about getting a job im 52 but after watching your video i realize i still can achieve my goals and improve ,and show younger people and, others, that look down on us,that we older people still have a lot to give to the world you are my hero ernestine thanks again

  • ana

    Espectacular Ernestine desde Buenos Aires sos mi musa inspiradora segui así sos mi ejemplo a seguir Mi nombre es Ana Cardenas y teengo 56 años y practico fisico culturismo hace 02 años espero llegar a tu edad en las mismas condiciones . Si podes me envias unos perfector menues balanceados a seguir , y a seguir practicando también Con cariño ANA

  • Colleen

    Wow, She is amazing.

  • Ewa

    Im 50 years old ,broken heart,sick liver,lonely live... but i go to the gym and try to do my best !Thank You so much for this ,You are beautiful,strong,lovely women!!! Will think of You at the gym !!!!!

  • Valeria

    She inspire me so much iam 36 years old and I complaint that everything hurts that iam not has fast has I was when I was 18 . I guess I have to be more positive and work harder I do like to be in body building and compite. One day that is my dream !! Love the vedio so much . Thanks

  • Ganoba

    She is absolutely beautiful. I would like to be your friend,Ernestine. I am 78 and live in India.

  • Leah

    Beautiful. I am more inspired than ever...age is just a number. She is beautiful .

  • shanda

    You go Miss.Thang

  • Lisa

    I am 57 and just beginning a bodybuilding program... Seeing Ernestine do what she does has made me step over the final threshold...I am now fearless... THANK YOU GIRLFRIEND. !

  • Susan

    I'm 61 and getting back to exercise. Ernestine is an inspiration!!!!!

  • Annette

    What an incredible woman she is. She is living healthy and inspiring others to do the same. That in itself, is a gift.

  • Laura W

    I love that she did not START body building until age 71. Never ever too late to start. And I love that she helped herself, then helps other.

  • Ethel

    She is defying the ill, diseased and decaying tradition of yesteryear that came with aging. We are evolving. Scientists tell us that our bodies become refined and regenerated daily. It's time to take a closer look when we see proof such as this. Ms. Shepherd said that she practices what she believes and therefore walks her talk. I can learn from her and that I will do. Thanks Ms. Shepherd for your diligence and your faith.

  • Ethel

    I like the fact that she says tis is her ministry, to help and inspire others to live in health, joy and prosperity.

  • Carmelita

    All I can say is WOW! 71 and she decides to go into bodybuilding....incredible!! Ernestine is so right, "Age is nothing but a number". Her atitude is definitely contagious. Thanks so much for the motivation and inspiration.

  • Vicky

    This is amazing..we need more people like her..she has a go get em attitude and doesn't let age stand in her way...

  • debra payne

    god bless u i am a grandmom and so out of shape i wish i could have done thing a lot differenct then now i hurt my back and i have been down in pain ever since then but there is no exceuse for not doing some exercise like waling thank u for this u have change my life style

  • Michael - WELL Street

    Ernestine deserves prime time exposure! Let’s challenge our increasingly sedentary population with her powerful example!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing, inspiring indeed, yes age is only a number! HUG!

  • frances

    WOW! Everything inspired me about that beautiful lady she is amazing. MaY God bless her to keep being such an inspiration. Like they say where there is a will there is a way.

  • Jan

    WOW! God bless her. She obviously had great genes to start with - excellent teeth, beautiful skin (cuz seriously, looking at the photos from her past, it doesn't look like she's had work done). And running 10 miles a day? Getting up at 2:30am? Wow. Health, happiness and prosperity = that's the formula! Again, God bless you Ernestine! I'm sharing this one!

  • Elena

    "my ministry is health." awesome platform. god is whatever is healthy first.

  • bardia


  • madtoe

    Wow, Oprah needs to interview her!

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