How many ways can you think of to reuse an old plastic bottle? Solar Demi is a man who has come up with a new use - plastic bottle as solar light bulb. The idea is ingenious in its simplicity, but its power comes through the benefit it can give to so many across the world.


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  • Rodolfo Jesus Jimenez Jr III

    I have said thing that can help you! I need you get in contract with me asap!!!I would like to give you some of My SOLAR lights, Wind, Power, water and SOME Money!!! I think you can make that light bulb better with my help!!? SINCERELY GOD

  • Suresh Vatwani

    This can bring revolution in India. Can we hv contact no.

  • Emmanuel A. Ogan

    It's amazing - how can we reach this man or the technology to adapt?????

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    This man has set a new standard for giving!

  • Regina

    He is absolutely amazing how he blessed so many lives! Loved it!!!!

  • alison

    Practicality and the difference it made for the people's homes

  • kas

    This ingenious and sustainable lighting project is the brainchild of Mr. Illac Diaz of MyShelter Foundation of the Philippines ( This person is such a gem to the Filipino community. He has also introduced low-cost technologies, alternative construction, and pioneered a number of life-changing and people-empowering endeavors. He is simply brilliant and we are so proud of him!

  • M

    Wonderful....loved it

  • nao


  • Kate

    We have absolutely everything we need to solve our Earths problems! the problems are our solutions!

  • Jim Westlund

    Amazing! Love it!

  • Audra Kepler

    who sings this song? very inspiring video!



  • sonia stefan

    simpleng bagay na nakapagdulot ng liwanag sa maraming mamamayan.. mabuhay

  • Dottie

    The creativity of the common man. Electric companies stick it to poor people 24/7. This gentleman has come up with a way to brighten homes and spirits. God bless him and God bless our gladiator, Pete O'Neal for sharing this with us.

  • Shiva

    What inspired you about Great.......

  • Charlene

    Absolutely awesome. I am so proud of him!! He can truly say he "lights up the neighborhood"!!

  • Suzanna Cody

    The power of the light in Solar Demi's inspired imagination and inventiveness! One Light unifying All.

  • Rissa

    It showed me how much I take for granted and fortunate I am. It also showed me how one person can make a difference.

  • SueO

    Wow....simple, yet brilliant!

  • ArunChikkop

    May be you have to go through darkness before YOU can appreciate Light. Amazing !dea, Inspiring. Thank's a lot for sharing...)

  • toteng

    inspiring.. but what about at night? still have to use lamp

  • Rex

    Proud to be Filipino!!!!

  • jw

    how creativity of one can bless so many others

  • John-Hans

    Filtered water and bleach....who would guessed but an inspired innovative receptive human.

  • Michael D

    I they had these all over Ontario, Dalton McSquinty and his corrupt Liberals would find a way to lay a big TAX on it...

  • AcomaWestCollage

    A positive video and inspiring in what a bit of "out of the box" thinking can be created! The only thing I question is the bleach part. I realize it's to keep water from bacteria growth because of light and heat, but as an artist, I have similarly added a couple of tablespoons of bleach in water to a plastic spray bottle, for spritzing papers, and after a few months, it ate through the plastic. Perhaps, someone could think of a clear fluid or gel could be used that wouldn't. But it's a super idea for a dark room, work shed studio or porch. Can you imagine one of those huge water bottles?!

  • Yinyang

    We thought plastic bottles were polluting the environment but a brilliant mind changed it to a positive contribution!

  • Nile

    He made light from simple things we take for granted!

  • steve starr

    Question: Is the water in the bottle, or the combination of the bottle with the water, acting to funnel light into the room? Is this a function of a camera in a dark room making the light appear brighter than it really is, or is this device illustrating a principle of how light can be gathered and transferred? It sure seems like a hell of good idea, my hat is off to this man.

  • Diane

    Solar Demi, what an asset he is to those he's helped and to all of us! Let there be light!!!!

  • anupam

    anything is possible with a little amazing way to light up dark lives in dark streets!! hats off to this man!

  • Lara

    Love the ingenuity and simplicity and sustainability of this invention!

  • Theresa


  • Melodie

    This is marvelous, What a genius this man is. So Simple yet so efficient. This man should be running the worlds Environmental problems

  • Carolkl

    "Brilliant"!! Such a great idea for the WHOLE world.

  • victrolux

    Take THAT Coca Cola!

  • Susan

    Just beautiful- bringing light where there was dark and using plastic that would othewise be left to spoil the earth. Touched my heart!

  • Arlan

    WE can make a difference!

  • Ruthie Ristich

    Everything about this video and idea is so incredibly positive and upliftingly wonder FULL. Tears of joy for the resourcefulness and thankfulness of the human spirit.

  • Jane

    I love how one person is bringing more light into his world--fantastic!!!

  • Amit

    Wow! Truly ingenious! Imagine if we had the top minds on the world focusing on simple, affordable solutions like this rather than on complex, expensive, over the top missile systems and technology that only applies to the top 10% of the world. This individual is truly inspiring and hopefully it inspires people from all walks of life to think outside the box, utilize the resources they have at and and then share it with the world!

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  •  Learn more about the organization involved.
  •  Solar Demi is displaying the value of 'creative constraints' - learn more about the concept.
  •  The next time you throw away trash, spend a few minutes thinking through how you can reduce it, reuse it, or recycle it.

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