"Every teenager believes they are invincible," said Zach Sobiech. "It's not the kind of invincible like Superman; it's the kind of invincible like, 'I'll see you in five months.'" Zach didn't have five months. He died of cancer on 20 May 2013, shortly after his 18th birthday. This film gives us a glimpse of Zack's indomitable spirit, enormous capacity for love, and quiet courage as he approached the end of his life -- and the profound impact of his empathy and grace on those he was about to leave behind.


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  • PJ

    Just the fact of knowing no matter what you can always make a difference. How he took his challenges and turned it to something great. This should give kids the new way of looking at things. Thank God

  • Wendy

    What a beautiful video! Zach and his family are such beautiful souls. Oh, if we all would live life to its fullest. We should all say "I love you." to friends and family more often. We may not get that tomorrow to tell them then. Indeed it is true: "You don't have to find out you're dying to start living."

  • Eunice

    What inspired you about this video?i pray for him god will bless him

  • evita

    ZAch's courage in the face of death. His ability to spread happiness despite knowing he did not have long to live. His incredible positive attitude and desire to love and live fully every Godgiven moment

  • Angelica

    Zach was able to teach us the importance of living while we are in these bodies and the acceptance of our next journey. His ability to love and laugh inspired everyone he touched.

  • britt

    The mothers understanding of the temporary nature of life offering her the opportunity to embrace every moment at the same time she is holding the tension of the devastating loss that is her reality.

  • Wendy

    This shows us what is possible when you let go of the perceived limitations on life. His beaming smile says it all. The love that surrounds him is beautiful to see.

  • debbie

    Aside from the amazing people he and his family were (are), I was struck when he said he was afraid of the unknown of death... I’m usually afraid when I don’t know what is coming up, but I don’t feel that way about dying... Time to reflect...

  • lucy

    Zach seems a young man who enjoyed life. Death was only a vehicle for family and friends to express the love they had for him. At his age one does not think there is a need to express the love and appreciation because there is a lot of time to do that. Zach''s experience says otherwise.

  • AnapDerqui

    You are a wonderful family and have brought out all posible emotions within myself. I have shared his mum's tears as well as her joy for having this beautiful person as a son. Thank you so much for letting the world feel, learn and share with you

  • Ari

    What a gift Zach brought to his family, and now to me, by living with love, fearlessness, and kindness, despite (or possibly because of) the imminent presence of death. In many ways I wish a doctor would tell me, or rather remind me, that I have only so much time to live. Maybe then I would live life to its fullest each moment as well.

  • Alberto

    "You don't have to find out you're dying to start living." Human spirit is bright.

  • Calvin Nokes

    What inspired me about this video was the fact it was about this amazing man named Zach Sobiech from to moment I read his story I was a fan I am a cancer survivor who ran across Zach's story while going through my own battle with anal cancer Zach Sobiech inspired me and I shall never forget him and I simply loved his hit song, Clouds and trust everytime now I see them, I think of you beautiful, Zach Sobiech

  • corinne

    That we always think that we have all the time in the world - just it isn't so

  • Melissa

    Some people wait for an epiphany when they find out they have cancer, this kid had it figured out before. The angels on earth are the people who have figured it out. We are here to see the joy in others and as Zach said "make other people happy." Zach was an angel on earth.

  • Parul

    So beautiful. You just reminded us what life means. Thank you so much. Rest In Peace Zach Sobeich. We love you......

  • Paula

    Just beautiful. What a wonderful story of love, commitment and beauty. Thank you for this.

  • David

    This is so beautiful, I wish I could thank him. If I can become 1/100th of the person he was....I am going to someone happy today =)this has filled my heart with so much love, I feel fearless

  • Kelly

    My nephew was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in 2011, he was 10. This video really hit home. What a beautiful Soul! What an amazing family! I cried my guts out watching this, my heart aches for those who love Zach, but I know that you all must feel SO blessed to have been in his presence! <3

  • Maria Mara

    Many thanks for your courage and your great love, many thanks for remembering us all to take the pledge and BE the change, dear Zach!! from soul to soul.

  • Kim

    This video is a rare and beautiful gift to many, just as Zach was and is yet. My prayer is that everyone who sees this, can comprehend that this world is not our home. As sojourners together, we are called to bring light into the world - no matter the time we are given. In his short life - Zach brought more light, grace and goodness to us than many will ever recognize. RIP, Zach.

  • Shail

    Thanks Zach for reminding us what life is really about. Your attitude, your compassion towards life and magnanimous smile is so infectious. Life is too short and you reminded us that the simple things in life are the things that we should strive towards :) Peace and love to you Zach...

  • les

    life is short. live life to the fullest. Very inspiring.Love Zachs attitude to life even with limited time on this earth.

  • Ryane Brooks

    That was such an inspiring video. He was definitely put on this earth to make a difference in people's lives. To leave an imprint on their souls as a silent reminder that everything is going to be ok and to just live life, love each other and smile. I will never forget this video or how incredible of a human being Zach is! Thank you Zach for being the change we wish to see in the world and sharing you story with us! Xox

  • Cris

    Such a well-made video...such a beautiful, loving, tight family! Zach's message was clear. Peace and love to his family and friends.

  • Norma J

    this is what "shining your light" truly means......amazing young man who has touched my heart. Gob bless his parents, siblings and friends.

  • LEB

    the families resolve to make it througth and it will not be easy.

  • Jessica B.

    This is so inspiring!! For being such a young man he was wise beyond his years. All people should really listen to Zachs' words. Heaven must have needed another angel. God Bless to the Sobiech Family.



  • Andrea

    What an incredible young man......in facing up to his truth...enabled him to live his life...something we should all take a lesson from....you are safe with the angels now...thank you for sharing your story and your smile...much love and respect!

  • Margaret

    Watching this with my beautiful 8 year old Hailey who asked me to post a comment, this love filled video inspired me to remember to always cherish every little thing...blessings to the Sobiech family, their angel Zach will always watch over them and those who loved him. Through tears, Zach's smile shone bight, thanks or sharing that smile.

  • Handan Tunc

    Sweet angel boy...heaven needed you I guess

  • Shirley Marsh

    Zach is a gift. To see the best in everyone is such a gift to life. Thank you Zach.

  • Elmira Kaponat

    This is a very touching video. Zach and his family showed so much love and understanding to each other. Zach will go on and live thru each one of you. His spirit will always be with you. Thank you for sharing. <3

  • Lauraine Newmark

    I loved the fact that he never seemed to lose his lust for life, so inspiring! He truly seemed to live his life to it's fullest and that a main goal of his, of making others happy and to create smiles on their faces, was incredible and selfless! I wish I had the pleasure of knowing him! Maybe someday up in the clouds!! Thank you all for such a moving tribute, to his spirit of living and loving life and those around him! May he meet up with my dear brother Kurt, who shared a similar experience.

  • Brigitte (Germany)

    Alle, die in Schöhnheit gehn, werden in Schöhnheit auferstehn. Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) (All that go in Beauty, resurrect in Beauty.) Peace.

  • Caroline Johnstone

    I don't think I have watched, or will watch, anything better than this, despite the tears...

  • Denis Khan

    Thank you for teaching us how to live! “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” ~Norman Cousins

  • Graham

    Beautiful video, thanks for posting this!!!

  • amit


  • Francine

    What a tribute! Zach and his family are beautiful people, teachers of what life should be about. Thank you

  • Cynthia V

    Truly a very inspiring young man who left behind a living message of love, courage and the act of living it every day for others to follow. May God bless him and his family.

  • Elaine M

    Zach has found and is with God. May his family find peace knowing he's with Our Lord. How lucky we are to have had the opportunity to see incredible role models for all of us.

  • Prem Gupta

    Very inspiring.Love Zachs attitude to life even with limited time on this earth.

  • Amy Louise

    Just a reminder to make others smile. And too relax.. I hear it all the time! Enjoy and relax

  • Pat (US)

    Thank you, David from Australia, for reminding me of the 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 passage about love. I had it read at my wedding, the beginning of a shared life, but now I see that it also truly describes Zach Sobiech's journey through his last days. He was a young man who teaches us about grace through his living. His family and friends formed a perfect circle of caring around him; they all shared in his grace.

  • Ana

    Pure Love in the form a human being being.

  • Becky

    Zach's acceptance. His family's acceptance. How they all were open to what was happening, not denying the reality of his terminal condition. I wish it could have been more like this when my daughter died.

  • Tristan

    Geez, I mostly wish I were dead too. (I know all the usual responses.) Zach's a nice guy; accepting and living&Loving is the best way indeed. It's beautiful to experience kindness&compassion, which we all have the chance to share, and let that genuine spirit shine. Together we'll light up the Island of Dr Moreau.

  • Dr. Purnima Gurung

    Watching the video of Zach I remember Psalms 23. Zach's true faith in GOD that sometime we fail to have especially in the hour of the end that we face death. Zach is a super hero facing death the way I have ever seen before.He has given me courage and inspired me to go ahead in my life. Thank you Zach and thank you Sobiech family and friends. Dr. Purnima Gurung, Kathmandu , Nepal

  • Donie (Ireland)

    Zach, you symbolise life and what is important, you show the path away from the trivial, selfish and the unimportant, you show utter selflessness at your toughest time, as do your family, your legacy burns brightly and if you did you go down, you surely did so fighting. Legend.

  • Margo

    Thank you and Peace.

  • Louise

    Forgetting what you are going through and making others happy. Listen to Zack, live every day to the fullest by bringing love, joy and happiness to each person you meet.

  • Cindy

    RIP, Zach. Your beautiful soul is lighting the way for the rest of us. Thank you.

  • David (Australia)

    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. Perfectly displayed in this beautiful loving young man 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

  • Bren

    "make someone happy"-- what a blessed message- thank you Zach! Thank you to the whole family for making this video and documenting love in action.

  • DD

    Zach was a great SOUL of inspiration!

  • Susan

    In an alternate universe, Zack and Amy are old looking back at 50+ years of life together--children , grandchildren, joy sorrow , boredom , ecstasy --a whole life that continues

  • Sue

    ZACH INSPIRED ME! his courage, his love for life and the many people he loved and who loved him. He taught so many so much. We thank him for all of this. Thank you to the people who made this film possible, so we could know Zach, definitely an angel on this earth amongst us for far too short a time. God bless his family and those who loved him. Listen to Zach, live every day to the fullest, SAVOUR life! Thank you Zach.

  • Jonathan

    Zach, you're an earth angel and you taught how our world can to be a better place to live by making others happy. I share your hearts intention and I believe millions do as well. May your family be at peace and continue to be blessed by you. Peace, love, joy and light <3

  • Vicky

    Be the reason someone smiles! Zach you are amazing.

  • sharon

    Zach's legacy of light, love and laughter make him truly immortal. Blessings to all.

  • Victor

    Zach Sobiech a truly remarkable young man, who really knew the meaning of love . WWW

  • Lynn Sheehan

    Beautifully full of love, kindness, and acceptance. Zach is the kind of persoon everyone should aspire to be like. God bless his family!

  • Thierry

    I am truly amazed by the spirit of that very bright young man and by that of his family and friends. A memorable video.

  • JoAnn LeJune

    The courage to live life and keep smiling each and every day. By his life he made the world a better place. A very loving and inspirational video, it will keep his memory alive and help all of us live life without the would, should, or could that we sometimes want to put on ourselves.

  • Jagdish P Dave

    I too, not as a teenager but as a senior two years ago at the age of 86 felt that my wife and I were invincible. Hearing about death of someone close to us gave a short- lived glimpse of death making us feel sad and grieve. Both of us, and especially I,got awakened about two years ago when we came to know that she had a very aggressive breast cancer. When the breast surgeon told us the bad and sad news that she may survive only for a year, the landscape of my life, our family life,radically changed. Everyday we spent together became a gift of God, a blessing, with some rays of hope and anguish.It was a great lesson for me to learn that everyday is a God's day, a good day. I was also taken by surprise watching my wife accepting her terminal illness with serenity and calmness. I saw her getting detached to the things that were very important to her without struggle yet loving us unconditionally until she breathed her last.We did not push her to do anything that would not feel right to her. We let her live fully. It was hard for me and my family to let her walk her path. We needed to let go of our attachment to her, or grasping of her hand. We needed to accept her and love her unconditionally as she did.When she passed away, she held everyone's hand around her and asked is everyone OK? I have come to realize the truth experientially which I had known intellectually that we all are here to pass away someday and we all need to learn how to live well to die well. Living and dying are intertwined like in-breath and out-breath or like the two banks of the river. I have been learning and practicing this way of living truly, mindfully and fully feeling the undying presence of the unconditional love of my soul mate. Stories like this are a mirror for me to see the face of living and dying. With gratitude, Jagdish P Dave

  • Tanja

    Thank you for this video. It has made my heart happy and awake to today again. Wonderful.

  • Marsha Nelson,PhD

    Everyone has the capacity to see the best in life. Will you choose to live life this way today??? Thanks Zach for another "Crash Course" on what is important in this life. You did live strong and brave. God rest your soul.

  • Brian

    What a person...thank you Zach for fighting the fight with love and kindness to those around you...physical life is temporary, but the spirit is forever!...God bless!

  • Deepak

    Awesome . Thank you . Zach was a beautiful soul and an inspiration to all . May his soul Rest in Peace .

  • prem angel

    watching this video, has made me feel strong. nothing is impossible even in the worst situation,all we need to do is make the best of what we have and share our love and strengths to the very end. I salute you Zach, and know you rest peacefully with your Maker. you had the most supportive family and friends around you. Love and Blessings to your family, and i pray you may be able to accept your loss. its as if i lost a younger brother, a friend an angel. we need more angels like Zach to help us understand how beautiful life is.

  • Caela

    The power of love and joy to transform the world. Zach was a light and beacon for his family, his friends and all of us who watch this film. What an amazing young man! His parents must be so proud and have so many memories of who he really is. God bless you all and thanks for making this film. Caela

  • mo

    Real people in real life situations and the courage off all to record their experiences for us witnesses to take in the fullness of their lives, even to the end.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Zach's Spirit is Beautiful & his message is simple, but POWERFUL: Make Someone Happy. Indeed, no matter what our circumstances, take a moment and bring a bit of happiness. Love & Hugs to his family and friends who must miss his presence.

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  • Listen to Zach's song, Clouds, available on iTunes (proceeds benefit the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Research Fund). 
  • Zach's love and tranquility were the emotional supports for his family and friends; but usually the surviving are called on to comfort the dying. Understand how best to help when you are called upon.
  • Zach told us, "It's really simple: just try to make people happy." Go make someone happy.  Right now.

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