This isn't a video about boxing. It's a two and a half minute epic story about what drives one man even though everything else material is stripped away. There are no excuses, no final defeat -- just action, intention, and faith that is disciplined, relentless, passionate.


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  • kostas

    when you have nothing to loose!!!

  • AC

    WOW !!!!!! Epic Score, powerful song !!!

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  • How far are you willing to go for your dream? Pick just one goal and bring all that you have to follow it. You might be surprised with what you are capable of! 

  • The boxer has to sell his cross, but his faith at the alter is stronger than ever. Where do your good intentions live? Commit to selflessly helping one person every day for a week to find out.

  • This silent film reminds us that actions speak louder than words. Take 10 seconds of silence to set your intention before every important action you make today. Notice if anything changes.

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