Neil Pasricha writes about free refills, underwear fresh out of the dryer, and other free, small joys that make life sweet. He never thought anyone but his mom would read his blog...but turns out that millions of people completely relate to what he's talking about. In this funny and heartfelt talk from TEDxToronto, he reveals the 3 secrets to leading a life that's truly awesome.


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  • Eva

    It's simply awesome. I love it. Got to share it!!!!!!!

  • abhishek

    truly inspiring.

  • Paula

    You are truly Awesome. Thanks for sharing your insite into life with us.

  • Raghu

    Very enlightening! Thank you

  • Julie

    You are right,all I can say is I love you for being your authentic self...what esle is there that is real?

  • Daria Roche

    Great talk! Easy to listen to, blievable, I can do this!

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  • Rediscover the simple pleasures of everyday life at 1000 Awesome Things. Celebrate by creating a little joy for someone you know.

  • Start your own log of the small joys that make life worth living. Carry around a notebook and jot down glimpses of beauty when you see them -- a toddler's laugh, freshly cut grass.

  • Consider your own relationship to the 3 A's - Attitude, Awareness, Authenticity. How can you broaden your perspective of life, embrace life as it is, and fall deeper into your true self?

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