What if 1.2 million children could be saved every year from one simple act? We are not talking about an expensive vaccine or a high-tech drinking water supply scheme. We are talking about washing hands with soap and water.

This award-winning video shows how to create a high-impact, sustainable intervention using trivial, easily accessible items -- like sticks, some string, a nail, etc. -- that could be the biggest weapon in the fight against infectious disease.


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  • Ana

    It never stops the amaze me the simplicity and creativity of the people. Thank you for sharing.

  • John

    Makes me want to return to India...

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  • Learn more about how washing hands saves lives. It's not just a problem in developing countries -- 80,000 people die yearly in the U.S. from preventable hospital-acquired infections.

  • Consider an overwhelming problem in your own life. Is there a simple, but highly creative solution that you are overlooking? 

  • Watch this talk on other simple, yet groundbreaking, innovations developed by local people to serve local needs.

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