"Our relationship to water is completely unconscious - we just don't see it for what it is." Thus opens the trailer for "Elemental," a documentary film that depicts three stories on three separate continents as it follows three passionate souls exploring our relationship to water.


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    Very True. Like all other basic elements (earth, air, light & space) water too is a gift of Mother Nature. Water is Life, hence I have a taken a vow to dedicate my life to Saving Water -- "Saving water is Saving Lives". Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of work.

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  • Follow the journey of the making of this film via the Elemental Blog; read an interview with the filmmaker, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
  •  Is there a group in your area working to conserve or improve water quality?  Consider donating time and learning together with others how we can work to heal water waste and pollution.  
  • Each day when you bathe, take a moment to reflect on the source of our water, to feel gratefully blessed.

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