In this cheery (Ho, Ho, Ho) video, everyone gets to be "Santa." Follow the ripple effect of anonymous acts of kindness, as a handmade "flower" for a mom inspires a plate of brownies for a neighbor, which then inspires the neighbor's co-worker to feed a parking meter... Ho, Ho, Ho!


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  • sonia

    eform more acts of kindness. Do more for the less fortunate.

  • ghadon

    <3 <3 <3......

  • David Price

    The giving.The giver becomes a receiver.

  • sharwan pandey

    why poeple become santa and says god can see anyone sorry i don't think it

  • Kati

    I want to be Santa too. I think we're going to put together a bag of food and a jacket and put it in front of a homeless guy's tent over on highway. We have so much . . . .

  • Shirley

    Giving for the sake of it; what a wonderful way for our kids to experience the joy of philanthropy. Could be stretched into the rest of the year through the 'Pay it Forward' idea!

  • Ajay Dagli

    The spirit of giving without an expectation of a return gift.

  • Prakash

    This planet shall to into a paradise , if the Santa Claus in us is alive and active

  • alireza

    1+1=1 or love+peace=god!,thank you.

  • Andrew Loveline Noronha

    the kid, their joy ,their happiness

  • sethi

    Wonderful . Thank you .

  • Carolyn

    How great is this? The music, the words and the examples....I'm in. Every day beginning today, through the end of the year.....hum, may be my New Year's resolution!

  • mehlisue

    That children are being taught that Santa is not a fat happy man who brings joy, but we, human to human bring joy and love to others. Santa is just not a creation of me and greed. Wonderful. Great way to give money to a stranger who can not pay it back or thank you. Just wonderful.

  • Jim

    The "pay it foward" giving.

  • bluebuddha

    It's a reflection of the true holiday spirit.

  • barb yearian

    it inspired me to BE a "SANTA"

  • Debalina Roy

    This video inspired me to seek the charms of life in a regular pattern contributing in the celebrations of festivals by giving and receiving love in small and cherished ways.

  • KarenC

    Right idea - wrong reasons! Santa Claus is/was real! If you knew that Santa Claus is (I forget which language) a form of St. Nicholas who was real, you would understand the TRUE story. St. Nicholas is patron saint of children. Why? He used to sneak into households of poor families and leave food and clothing for the children. The traditon today got commercialized. BUT YES indeed you can continue the spirit of the SAINT that started this all even today. If the children knew this they too could emulate the giving that Saint Nicholas did a long long time ago even now. Many do. Take the time to look this info up and it will excite you that such giving started a long long long time ago and is REAL!!

  • KarenZ

    How much giving made everyone so happy! It's the best present to give yourself, too!

  • CarlJ

    This is such a fun and lively video - now I can't get the catchy tune out of my head - in fact ,now I plan alot of anonymous giving!

  • lil

    Lovely. We can all make someone smile in this season where most are pressured to be happy!

  • Diana Giles

    Everything!! The music, kids, actors, production...Santa!! Ho, Ho, Ho

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  •  In "The Santa Story Revisited," Arita Trahan explains that when Santa is turned into a wonderful story we all get to play, children can get the experience of anonymous giving at a very early age.
  •  HelpOthers is a portal dedicated to small acts of kindness. Find out how to get involved; search for ideas; read kindness stories and share your own.
  •  Be a secret "Santa" this holiday season by giving a small gift or performing a kind act anonymously.

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