A film by NIC ASKEW. See the full short film series at SOULBIOGRAPHIES.COM.

Presenting a handful of tiny, decontextualized fragments of personal storytelling, this beautiful little film reminds us of our own role in shaping the emotional narrative of life. It is part of Nic Askew's series, "Soul Biographies: human portraits in short film". "Each encounter holds the capacity to render us lighter. Or to colour the experience of our world darker... with each encounter comes a decision."


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  • Explore other films in this interesting project of human portraiture.
  • Read and ponder Primo Levi's great poem, To My Friends: "... Each of us bears the imprint of a friend met along the way; In each the trace of each."
  • Feel the connection: When you hear someone tell a story today, make that encounter a part of your personal narrative.

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