Perpetua Alfazema wanted to build a school in Kapasseni, a small village in Mozambique. His dream was realized when a group from Canada seeded the funds. In a ceremony, a young tree sapling was dedicated to symbolize all that could flourish in Kapasseni. The school gave new life to Kuwangisana, an initiative that transformed communities throughout Mozambique. After 12 years, the sapling has flourished in to a tree with a number of branches. And the hope has spurred music, growth and vitality throughout the country. See the story of hope, music and human ingenuity in this touching video.


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  • Hear more about the music of Mozambique that plays a huge role in reviving people’s spirits.
  • Learn more about the economic outlook of Mozambique.
  • Do you know children in need in your area? Think about what you can do to serve their needs - and take a small step to make their day.

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