The most powerful tool in the universe sits in our cranium. But when we lose control of it and assume thoughts are our consciousness we remain in suffering. Could all human suffering end if we found a way to stay in the consciousness of “I am,” recognizing that we are nothing more than millions of cells within billions of atoms amidst energy as old as the Big Bang? And that we are all connected? Watch this TEDx talk from MIT scientist Jeff Lieberman as he takes some scientific ideas to a very clear spiritual solution.


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  • Nalina

    Thank you Jeff for bringing the real essence of Science, which is to know ourselves, the I amness. The rest of the stuff we called Science is just shooting in the dark. I liked what you said about thinking of the world as one body - our body. In fact, there is a Veda hymn that proclaimed millenniums ago that God (or Purusha or Brahman or the light energy you mentioned) is the entire Universe. It is called Purusha Sooktam. Accorind to Purusha Sooktam, the Purusha has 1000s of eyes, 1000s of hands and legs etc., meaning the living beings in the univderse including human kind. See link below for more details: To listen with meaning to the chant: Vedas also say that 'as is the macrocosm, so is the microcosm'. This means we are made of the same substance as the rest of the universe - from the largest of the large and the smallest of the small - most unfathomable by human mind. I loved your video :)

  • Jen

    Not bad, not bad at all. I think he's grasped at the core of spirituality and enlightenment. There are a few key things missing, where Dr. David R Hawkins can fill in those blanks and so much more. I'd suggest looking into his teachings and it may help aid you along your path. God bless. Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

  • Mitzi Egnatz

    Accepting the reality of living at the speed of light and the knowing that we are indeed pure energy. Pure consciousness living right here right now in as what we know as embodied. This leap , this knowing , this realization can be the pathway to our new sense of I Amness. Bravo!

  • Nick

    A scientific perspective on what religion potentially allows us to discover. Thank-you my friend. A grounding and engaging discussion on what is important in life.

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  • If thoughts can get in our way toward Enlightenment, the heart may help to clear the path.  Visit the Institute of Heartmath to learn how interbeing may happen outside the brain.
  • Read this amazing story from DailyGood about Tracy Cochran’s near death experience to understand her view of transcending the suffering induced by thoughts.
  • On a pad of paper write your thoughts nonstop.  Keep moving your pen and writing whatever pops into your head, without consideration or pause.  At some point you will run out of thoughts to write.  How does that emptiness feel for you?

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