"To be fully human is really to discover who I am... To discover who I am is to discover also the unity between my head and my heart." Jean Vanier answers some "big questions" including "what does it mean to be fully human" - questions that are the hallmark of the Templeton Prize. Vanier is the 2015 Templeton Prize Laureate for his work with L'Arche, a revolutionary international network of communities where people with and without intellectual disabilities live and work together as peers. "To become fully human is to let down the barriers, to open up and discover that every person is beautiful."


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  • Connie

    I loved this what a wonder.

  • yuri


  • thiccy

    im a baddie

  • bob


  • Joe

    The old men

  • Cheryl

    Yes, we all are fully human as indeed we are sisters and brothers Love it

  • Emilia

    I had to go to YouTube to see it with captions, something vital for deaf people to have to comprehend video. In the context of an article about disability, this should have been provided. Otherwise, Jean Vanier sums this up beautifully! As a Baha'i, I especially appreciate how well he put this. What a special man!

  • Cletus

    Loved for who you are and not what you do! Wonderful message Jean Vanier. Your life and work is truly an inspiration

  • Jan

    We are indeed One, also with nature and the earth!

  • Rosario

    Thank you very much Sir Jean... very very nice... I thank God for giving me the chance to see you and to hear from you... thank you for sharing your wisdom & knowledge...

  • Lynne

    I believe in this wisdom, n I hope I am mirroring it in actions n deeds. What I really don't understand, this is a simple truth, and it's easy 'to leave the li g t on', but we have so many leaders in the USA n abroad, who thrive on hate, how do we enlighten them?

  • Suzanne Jabro

    Beautiful! The Great Love of God embodied. Jean Vanier...thank you for the gift you are giving so many.

  • Emmy Silvius

    We live in a complicated world with a huge mix of values. One just needs to look at how women are viewed and treated in some cultures. Many people - dare I say, perhaps everyone - lives in fear of something or someone. This is not how our world is meant to be. True love cannot blossom where fear dominates. Without this love we not only mis out in freeing our true selves (and thus blocking our full potential) but the world too weeps for the loss of its potential to connect. All of humanity and all of nature need us for who we truly are if we are to leave a legacy worthy of our being part of this creation. It's not an easy task and will take a collective effort but it can be done in the name of Love and when we allow the head and heart to work in harmony.

  • Bilkis

    Very good message,if we follow this we will be better people, caring and sharing and loving without the barriers of colour, caste, and religion

  • Christine

    The idea that it's fear that keeps us closed up and away from each other and that discovering that we are loved, we are capable of love, we can be so strongly connected to each other. Wonderful!

  • Andrea

    Jean Vanier shares beautiful wisdom. The inherent love that we are must be awakened from within us and put into action so that we may BE the LOVE that CHANGES the WORLD. This is my pledge each and every day.

  • Abdu

    Powerful, Beautiful and Inspiring message. Jean managed to explain the notion of Oneness.Thanks so much for sharing.

  • roma

    This is true wisdom spoken with a sincere open heart

  • Bill

    What inspired me most was the wisdom & gentleness of his demeanor. His accomplishments are spectacular.

  • Annamarie

    nice talk from the heart, thank you.

  • navin sata

    love eliminates all the diffrences.love makes world go round.

  • Pankaj

    This gives me much to contemplate. Not "think", mind you. But to develop insights from the seed that is this message. Thank you!

  • Nancy

    Beautiful message - Thank you

  • Laura

    The message is a powerful one yet gentle at the same time. I also recently heard Fr. Robbie MacDougall from Winnipeg who has put this message into music with his songs: 'Its a Joy'; 'Beautiful'; and 'You are so Precious to my Heart'. Truly uplifting. Hear them on YouTube. I have his CD in the car and am reminded daily to keep your heart open.

  • Judith

    TRUTH. LOVE is ALL that's IMPORTANT <3

  • Amparo Gomez

    We are all one connected by love. We can choose to accept it or not, and live our life acknowledging our differences or hating others for not being the same as we are. We can make a difference when we love people for what they are, not for how they look, have, or belong to.

  • Oscar Torres-Luqui

    The goodness of our creation is to understand how to love each other without fear

  • Ranjeet

    We can work together in peace. We can believe in everybody by opening within the heart , love for others , who are also one of me/mine/ours. Such is his message.It should straight away -come in to the "Text Books " in schools and colleges all over the world. A role model. This is Heart to heart communication. Pure. I vow that from today I will not discriminate between others n others..

  • Meena

    When I watched this wonderful speech, I felt very light and soft. Love and kind are the mantras for becoming a fully human. On Easter Day morning, what a great message?

  • Mo

    A wonderful message, what a beautiful Easter gift!

  • Jeannine Colvin

    This resonates with what is happening today in our country& around the world-fear of Muslims- Islamiphobia is not what Jean Vanier espouses for our society-More love is needed by & for all humans.

  • Missy

    Vanier speaks from his heart. I believe he has a heart like Jesus.

  • roselyne

    Some wonderfull words for an undestanding of who we are, connected souls,hearts. Thank you a lot

  • Holly

    Profoundly simple and true, I will share this with many

  • Julie

    Such a simple but profound message--given at a time of great fear in the world. Not just uplifting but transformational if we allow ourselves to be--fully human. We can change the world-one person at a time. Belief in yourself as a worthy and valued and loved human being is the best remedy for a weary soul and can reveal to others how loved and valued and worthy they are.

  • Peter

    We have to Believe in Our Acceptance via the Creation ... conception ... as ENOUGH as DESIGNED by the Creator -- and RE-DISCOVER this purpose as designed again by the Creation ... that we are Lovable to Ourselves as we were Planned in Love by the Creator at Conception.

  • Shar On

    I was inspired by his Wisdom and Loving, gentle Heart. I Am Grateful.

  • david marsden

    It was genuine, authentic and from the heart. Beautiful.

  • Vicky

    Beautiful message..we are all brothers and sisters..love is all we truly need.

  • Chet Bhatt

    Simplicity of the message. If we only be HUMANS as expressed in this video - Ocean of Humanity will energize this world like never seen before. It does not take too much effort - and may that is what is keeping us being HUMAN. We are all trying to prove our worthy by doing actions that require too much effort, intelligence... I love the message and will try to live it in small and simple steps. ;

  • Eileen Campbell

    How he speaks from the heart! So profound and put so simply. Such an inspiration!

  • Iris

    His truth. Such profound wisdom. What a beautiful man <3 thank you for walking among us.

  • deepak

    Thank you . Wise and profoud words .

  • peter rutherford

    great words

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys...he is a gift...here's to Earth's Global Love Empire 4 Families ...1peace

  • Phasha

    I lost my natural mother and babysitter brother when I was two. Adopted into an abusive, alcoholic family, I had no self esteem and feared rejection. Your video made me feel once again that I really have worth and am a wonderful spirit and person. Thanks to you!

  • Heather

    I have been helping a disabled friend for about 30 years. Even though my friend may not be able to 'reciprocate' in the same way that my 'normal' friends do, she has taught me patience, compassion, maturity and new thinking skills that I did not have before meeting her. I have been so blessed by this friendship.

  • Tony

    Let's do our part to share this message with the children. We need not be as aged as this to benefit from this wisdom.

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  • We are all human beings capable of loving.  If you let down your barriers, who might you let in?

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