In West Oakland, California, where liquor stores have replaced markets, The People’s Grocery is creating a healthy alternative by offering access to organic produce. Through urban gardens and local farms, The People's Grocery supports a culture based on connection to the land, sustainable agricultural practices, and regenerating community.


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  • Larry ( Reunited Pople Search )

    It's absolutely wonderful, people who really care! I will spread the word far and wide. God bless

  • Sally Hoover

    I was so moved to see the families coming together to learn how to use your produce and the smiles on the children's faces collecting their bags. Well done! Your work is planting the seeds for tomorrow's children.


    Though the clarity is Good there is obstacle in the video. There is a break every 4 or 5 seconds. Please look into the matter. Paddubai

  • Kathleen

    great information- i'm doing some work with creating effective partnerships between non profits, corps. and healthcare orgs. in urban areas for working together in combating childhood obesity. Keep up the good work!

  • supun

    found it: 3236 Market Street, #103 Oakland CA 94608

  • supun

    what's the address of this store?

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