Welles Crowther began carrying a red bandana when he was 6 years old. It soon became his signature, and a link between father (who always carried a blue one) and son. When Welles turned 16, he signed up as a junior firefighter at the local fire station - Empire Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1. On September 11, 2001, Welles was working as an equities trader on the 104th floor of the South Tower of the World Trade Center. When disaster struck, he took off his figurative equities trader "hat" and put on his fireman's hardhat. He navigated the stairs of the building 3 times to lead people down to safety before he was killed when the tower collapsed. Welles saved the lives of 12 people that day who will always remember the man in the red bandana.


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  • guillermo gray

    The courage and humanity of an individual facing horrendous odds. He die, courageously. He lives on, beyond his death, a noble inspiration. R.I.P.

  • Greg

    Helping others was in his heart. In answering the call to duty that day he showed the best of what we can be as people, neighbors, brothers of man. Our potential is great if we just do what needs to be done to make a better world. I will remember 'the man in the red bandana.'

  • JA Vargas

    I'm a New Yorker living in Colorado for the past 15 years. My wife and I lived in Battery Park City. This was a wonderful story that I have shared with my weekly Vietnam Veterans Group. After which I gave each one a Red Bandana! Wells was truly an American Hero. "God Bless Him"

  • Rosena

    We should all strive to be more like Welles. The world would be a much better place if we did. Thanks for such an inspiring video. It touched my heart deeply and I will pray for his family. I know how much he is missed. Have a very Blessed Life and we will never forget that day.

  • Julia

    Welles was an angel. He was simply an illustration of wonderful humanity in a hideous inhumane situation. He was the love that shone through a very dark place that terrible day. I am so glad to hear about this personal story which makes us aware that sometimes, a very small portion of your life can be the 'statement' of who you really are. Bless him.

  • Sharon

    Welles is truly an inspiration, more people should be like him. My heart goes out to his family and friends, I know the feeling of losing a child. Welles is a true hero and he will never be forgotten.

  • Dakota

    I now see Welles as one of my role models after learning about his courage and commitment to helping others. I am so inspired and moved by his dedication to making the world a better place for all. He won't be forgotten. Thank you Welles, you are a hero to me!

  • Jane

    Compassion, Forgiveness, and Love are not just passive words but INTENTIONAL PERSONAL ACTIONS...and WELLS was but one, among legions of earthly angels, who knew that raising the world's consciousness happened with our own personal choices to serve others--one human being at a time !!! Namaste

  • sharlyn

    I am inspired that this man "knew" his destiny in that his gift I am inspired by his compassion and dedication to others. His response in a time of need was unselfish...truly a gift. He listened to his heart and acted in a way that all of us can learn from. May his memory be an inspiration for us to act with the same compassion and dedication in our daily lives to make this world a better place.

  • Lorraine L. Levesque

    There are Angels who walk among us. Wells was and is one of those Angels.the way you are raised by your parents has everything to do with what you become and how you treat others. What an amazing son AND family.

  • Gina

    In 2002 I read an article of survivor stories. One of the women interviewed was injured in the Sky Lobby when the second plane smashed into it. She spoke of a man, wearing a red bandanna, who appeared out of no where and led them to safety down what would later be revealed to be the only useable stairway. I always wondered about this man. Who was he? Did he make it? It wasn't until earlier this year that I stumbled (through pure serendipity) upon his name. I literally sat there and sobbed. I had no idea it would mean so much to me to find out who the man in the red bandanna was. Finding his Facebook Memorial page, I could finally let his family and friends know that even strangers remember and honor his memory. I will never forget his heroism.

  • Kay

    Angels do walk amongst us...

  • Tamilyn

    As I wept with this mans parents, in awe at the reminder of what we are truly capable as humans while watching this phenomenal display of courage ,compassion and humanity, it reinforced what I already know ..Tons of us do not "change hats" ,its more like "Donning their Angel Wings" Welles Crowther & His Red Bandana will forever be in my heart now and for that I am grateful !!!! Thank you KarmaTube for filling my heart with so much love it overflows ...As Kind Spring kicks its 21 Days of Kindess Challenge I ask you all to take a moment today and do something for someone ...hold a door ,give a free smile, give your spare change,love yourself .

  • Nan Anrstein

    Thank you for sharing this story and the heroism displayed by Welles Crowther. I wish his parents peace in the knowing their son gave his life so others could live. As stated, their son gave the ultimate sacrifice. Would that we all would perform with such unselfishness in an emergency. Thank you.

  • Alberto G.

    Welles Crowther, WOW!!!. Rachel Moreno, agree with you.

  • Ofelia

    A very touching story of a role model who didn't think only of himself at a very troubled time. His parents must have been very proud of him. Hope there will still be a lot of people like him left who can truly give himself unselfishly in times of need. I wanted to congratulate his parents for raising him up the way he was.

  • Bobbie

    Thanks Rachel for speaking the truth. I agree. Do your own research to see the truth of 9/11. The government is lying. When doing the research, be sure to "follow the money!" That's always where the truth lies. What really makes the story of Welles Crowther especially poignant is that he died because of greed for money and power.

  • Mohandas

    Well,we just salute you, Wells. If every human being tried to be like you, the world will be very very sweet to live.

  • Trish

    What an inspirational story of courage and selflessness. My heart goes out for his mom and dad....

  • gretchen

    ...too much for words. Thank you so much for sharing this story.

  • Kris

    What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing this. I awoke this morning thinking, "Another anniversary today." But watching this video has made it anything but "another anniversary" day. In the midst of so many news stories that are sad and filled with violence, the story of Welles Crowther shines like a beacon of hope and reminds me of the best that lives within each of us...the ability to truly care for others without counting the cost. To his parents, Thank You. You raised an incredible son.

  • Rachel Moreno

    What inspired you about this video?What has always inspired me is the people, of course. But now ...NOW is the time to get to the bottom of this heinous crime. Not one...not one official was indicted and brought to trial. All the 'leaders' of this country were suspiciously unable to stop this crime...why? No one was ever found, with proof, to have toppled those building. I said toppled, not brought down by a couple of small planes. Thermite was placed at the foundation weeks ahead of that crime (consistent proof of this)...and still no suspects? Wake up people...we must stop these crimes on the American people and others around the planet...with corporate interests and our leaders as the suspects ...

  • Brian

    The fact that he went back up to help others when he could have saved himself. I like that he is being remembered with the red bandana.

  • Garima

    When we care for others more than our own self......we express the godliness divinity inside us. It makes one divine, it makes one holy and God like. Its honour to be around such noble angels around us, with us, inside us. Mr Welles was one of them, Your team is one of them, everyone who helped someone else is one of them. Salute them all and to the spirit of humanity, Empathy, and Agape Compassion.

  • Leica

    Such a moving account of one's courageous actions. Some people are really meant to be heroes ~ they are selfless in times of need. They are true angels among us. Kudos to the production and direction team of this video. You made something beautiful, helped tears flow, and gave us a glimpse into an incredible man. Namaste.

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