Spain is in the midst of a devastating financial crisis. Last year, its economy lost around 800,000 jobs, with over half of those under 25 unemployed. A Spanish radio program, Carne Cruda 2.0, decided to do something to help, however briefly, those in an unemployment office in Madrid. Watch this small flash mob performing The Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun."


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  • Sue

    This was so touching to see people giving hope, a lift and some joy to each other in such a difficult time.

  • Alex

    For this kind of people, I want to live in Spain someday. I hope their economy will grow and I trust them because they have brave hearts. Good luck from Romania

  • Ima

    New ideas and ditto efforts are needed! To make it better in these though and messy times!

  • C.lopez

    a small beautiful gesture can bring so many smiles

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  • Learn more about the anti-austerity movement focused on housing rights, employment, economy, democracy and other issues that ignited hundreds of thousands people in nearly 80 Spanish cities in May 2012.
  • This flash mob singing the Hallelujah chorus at a food court around Christmas is the most viewed flash mob video on YouTube. Posted in 2010, the video has over 41 million view to date.
  • Join or organize a flashmob, just for the fun of it. Perhaps you'll help spread smiles along the way.

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