In the 1980s, George Thorogood sang about being born "bad to the bone," but can we actually be naturally bad? People for Good, a Canadian-based charitable organization, sets out to claim that people aren't born bad but good. Presenting a series of chubby-cheeked cherubs, the commercial identifies the supposed "sin" each baby committed, including badmouthing co-workers and being rude to neighbors. As viewers chuckle at the silliness of a baby being labeled bad, the commercial reminds us that nobody is born bad. Moreover, it is never too late to turn back to being good. We can choose to be bad to the bone or good to the core.


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  • Jeanne

    It surely inspires you to assume we are Born Good and our job is to love people to enable everyone to stay that way!

  • Towanda a M Allen

    I specialized in loving and caring for children. We have to be very mindful what we say and how we say what we say to them! Landing them at a very young age place thoughts in their heads to act out certain behavior. They are just busy just like we where at one time and our job is to help redirect any harmful behavior in a positive direction! Gotta love the kids and stay blessed! Towanda M. Allen Owner of the International Holistic Leadership Community page on Facebook

  • Lisa Hallstrom

    This is a wonderful reminder when we want to villify someone, which is happening constantly during this election year. Hillary as a baby, Bernie as a baby, even Trump as a baby. Just sayin'!

  • Brian

    Thanks Team! Let's keep teaching peace and encouraging others. 1 Earth!

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  • Who are the People for Good?
  • According to Yale University, there may be proof we are born with an innate sense of morality.
  • Each day, in every situation before us, we choose how to behave towards others. Choose to be what you were born to be: good.

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