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Take a walk in downtown Vancouver on a sunny day and you might just run into Laura-Kay Prophet and Bobbi the Duck. Or, more precisely, Bobbi V. Laura-Kay got her first duck, Harvey, in 1980, but it was the first Bobbi, that spurred her to start Duck $oup, a private charity that Laura-Kay funds from her pension and occasional part-time work. Bobbi I started laying one or two eggs a day, so Laura-Kay boiled them and gave them away to the hungry on the streets of Vancouver. But she didn't want to just give eggs, so she added other food and created a fun "lottery" by hiding sums of money in cookies.  Why does she do this? "It always makes you feel good to make somebody else feel good... The idea was to create self-esteem for them, but also creating self-esteem for me..."


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  • Marge

    What a story! Ducks are surely magical and the best of all feathered friends.

  • Cindy

    This brings tears to my eyes. $90K of her own money? How many millionaires part with their cash not to mention their time and their love and goodwill? Laura K and her ducks are incredibly inspiring.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Beautiful, it's a modern & much better version of the Golden Goose. :) HUGS to you Laura-Kay & Bobbi V (quack, quack) for sharing your kindness.

  • Paul

    What a dear soul. She is priceless.

  • Jenny

    This lady is so nice and caring I hope God blesses her with more ducks.

  • Jo

    Wow, so inspiring. Some people just want to give. X

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  • Learn more about Laura-Kay Prophet and her charity, Duck $oup, which helps those in need with food and money.
  • Giving makes Laura-Kay feel good. Read about some of the other ways giving is good for you.
  • Make someone's day a little brighter today with a small act of kindness.  Need ideas?

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