"It really calms me down 'cause I get really stressed about homework a lot and when I breathe and just take a moment it really helps me focus more and I can get a lot more done" says one student. "If you get angry, you can just breathe in and out a couple of times..." says another.  Listen to the children of Meena Srinivasan's 6th. grade class at Park Day School in Oakland, California, talk about what they like about mindfulness and how it benefits them. 


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  • meenakshi

    very inspirational and effective video

  • mei-ling

    I am impressed that these 11 and 12 year olds experience so much positive value in mindful breathing to relieve stress and anger. Its wonderful, in this society that aspires to keep the the mind busy and entertained constantly.

  • Kate

    As an experiential psychotherapist, I know what neuroscience tells us these days: that emotions are a the body's ways of self repair and self regulation. Anger and sadness, as well as joy and love, are natural processes and need room to move quickly into and through us. Mindful attention to our own emotions means that we can experience, and learn the information being offered by our bodies, and make healthy choices about how we will respond. My three year old granddaughter, who has taken mindful yoga already, knows how to locate emotions in her body, and is learning how to regulate and use her emotions. Such a wonderful trend in healthy education for young people!

  • Rosemary

    Mindfulness should be taught as early as possible so our children can make it a lifestyle that will benefit them their entire life. Learning this concept as adults is much harder to accomplish, but thankfully still possible. If more people were mindful imagine how the world would be.

  • Cynthia

    Inspired by the artwork!!!! It shows the heart work!!!!

  • Abhijit

    This should be inculcated in all schools and made part of the curriculum. Thanks for hosting this video....I showed this to my 7th grader daughter and hoping it helps her...and many others...!!! thank you!

  • lori

    Wonderful! All public schools should be incorporating mindfulness into there ongoing curriculum!

  • Dianne

    what an important tool for these students. They can use it for life... awesome

  • Towanda M. Allen

    Love your video, we share them on our International Holistic Leadership Workshop page on Facebook. What I don't get, is how these kids at this such a young age become angry and stressed so quick? Parent's you have work to do and stay blessed!

  • Helen

    I am so excited that this is being taught to children!! Wonderful that they are being given something that they can grasp, practice, change their lives. What a great foundation for them to build on. I'm 74 years old and didn't learn this until I was in my forties.

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