Where do those beautiful rugs you see in stores come from? Let Sanju explain their origin in her own voice. When Sanju was eleven years old, a broker took her from her home and forced Sanju into child labor. She had to weave knots daily from four in the morning until eight at night. Hungry and tired, Sanju watched as her cut hands become knobby from continuous knot-weaving, and wondered: was this what her life would always be? Two years ago, GoodWeave rescued Sanju. GoodWeave, a nonprofit organization that aims to end child labor in the rug industry, works tirelessly to free and educate hundreds of thousands of enslaved children. To stop child trafficking, GoodWeave encourages buyers to only purchase rugs with the GoodWeave label. Reunited with her parents, Sanju now goes to school, thanks to GoodWeave and people like you.


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  • Ken Chawkin

    I loved the way this story is told with simple yet quality animation, integrated with live footage of the children being helped by this organization. It's very touching and sends a powerful message. The only error I noticed was in the opening scenes where you see 5 children and the voice-over says she has seven brothers and sisters. It's obviously a family of 7 with 5 children shown. Too bad they couldn't correct such an obvious point of misinformation. It takes away from the credibility of the message, consciously for some, unconsciously for others. All they have to do is edit that soundbite to correct it. It's worth doing.

  • Marianne

    Some people with good ideas can change the world. Well done Good Weave, I'll be looking for your symbol when I go to India next month.

  • Linda Klein

    I was inspired by the child's courage. I'm quite sure I couldn't have done what she did. I have not heard of Good Weave until now but even if I am not buying a rug I am going to check as a walk past them in the stores.

  • James O'Donovan

    human trafficking of children and young girls is one of the greatest untold tragedies of our time and needs highlighting

  • Ratnakar Srinivas

    Never heard of Good Weave before; I feel activities like this should get more prominence.Thank you please carry on the good work.

  • Heather

    That it is very possible to do positive things in the world and it can start with only one person at a time! I had never heard of Good Weave before this either. Thank you for the wonderful work your organization is doing to help the children. I also thank KarmaTube for bringing this to my attention.

  • Cindy

    Wow, I had never heard of Good Weave before this. THANK YOU THANK YOU, both to Good Weave and to Karmatube for making this info more widely available.

  • Pauline Johnston

    I will never buy another rug without the GoodWeave label. Thank you for informing me!

  • steve zimmett

    GoodWeave a great idea for children of all ages

  • allan davidson

    children are our future lets care for it

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  • Visit GoodWeave to learn more about its mission to end child labor in carpet production and find out how you can participate!
  • Learn how organizations such as the International Initiative on Exploitative Child Labor work to eliminate child labor around the world.
  • June 12 is World Day Against Child Labour. Find out more about 2015's theme: NO to Child Labour - YES to Quality Education.

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