"Life is easy" says Jon Jandai. "Why do we have to make it so difficult?" After pursuing "success" in Bangkok for several years, Jo dropped out of university to return to village life. There, he went back to the life he knew as a child, working 2 months of the year to grow rice (with an additional 15 minutes a day to grow vegetables), dug a couple of fish ponds, built his own homes using earthen bricks, and gave up buying clothes (he has so many clothes from friends and visitors that he has to give them away). Jo contends that to be happy, we cannot just rely on money; we have to reconnect with each other.


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  • Hung Vu

    so deeping thoughts, very simple, like about Buddhist teachings. If you think life is hard, it is very hard and if you think life is easy it is very easy. It depend on yourself

  • Sahara

    What a profound thought! May your message be heard and lived by so many. Thank you Jon Jandai for being an inspiration.

  • Shashank Shekher

    Profound, lucid and yet deceptively simple.... truly exemplifies simple living and high thinking. Human race is most uncivilized at the height of its civilization if majority have no access to basic needs like fresh drinking water, food, shelter and medicine. What is the use of so called development if a big population of humans have to sleep hungry and die as he cannot afford a simple medicine. The talk shook up my being as I am the part of that group of humans who hold up necessities and in a way responsible for another group of humans who do have the basic needs... how can I help to correct this is????

  • Midori

    I will try to be a normal person and live a simple and easy life. Everything starts with the change of my mind.

  • T

    1. food 2. clothes 3. shelter 4. medicine corporations & capitalism are the enemies of this easy life. they exist to divide our minds and bodies from this present reality. Jon Jandai thank you for reminding us of our eartly origins!

  • Shiv

    Nice and inspirational video. I appreciate Mr. Jon's views

  • fmmostakim@gmail.com

    I want to this video !!

  • sharan

    What inspired you about this video?I have not seen yet

  • sharan

    A local news paper .An article on life is is easy

  • Eli Nutakor

    my life is so hard I have to mow the grass clean my room and clean the whole house!

  • Joe D.

    Ah, He makes it all sound so simple. Life is not so simple in all countries. So called developed countries demand production and money from their people. Healthcare,food,taking care of those who are in need all translates into money.

  • Pramel Gupta

    Our life required simple solutions, not complex.... we must value simplicity

  • Rita Vakharia

    He is a true Gandhian I believe. He imbibes the quality of empathy towards mankind. His talk proves the absolute failure of education system that makes life complex and doing no good to the society

  • Maysoon

    Wow I like it .but l think it's depends on the person and the society

  • Sara

    "My life is light," he said. Amazing. Thank you

  • Amila From Sri Lanka

    About this!!! It's the great Speech i ever heard about in my life... He is telling all truth... Every single person's must think of life... and rise their future life must think well and do right things... Help to each others as Human being... Stand As a man do right think in this earth. We live very short time in this planet, because of do work as good humans... Lod Buddha and God's bless your all...

  • DrBapuji

    Yes- it is for those who want just to eat, make a house, have clothes on and work for just 2 months in a yr and 15 mins a day.... But human spirit is not just that..atleast for many more it is beyond these.. if it is beyond.. it would be better...all many of our fears, prejudices are dispelled by man's urge..the unimagined- unbelievable happen because of that human spirit..flying 16 thousand kms non-stop with one in 130,000 chance of accident... an Italian doctor called 'nuts' by another specialist expressed this june 2015 that he is confident of total Head transplant within a short time- a young Russian offers to undergo the surgery... several undersea tunnels-roads... no, man does not live by bread alone..

  • Bre

    Life is rich in simplicity and on the frequency of rest.

  • Christy

    The simplicity -f life that does not disturb the harmony and balance of life of nature, people and the world Christy

  • Angela

    His courage to see the truth of life and to live it more fully. I am inspired by his ability to follow his heart and how he reaps all of its rewards and shares it with others.

  • Abhijit

    What inspired me? The moment one starts thinking and doing a self inquiry of what am I doing ? Who am I? Such questions will bring your mind to calmness and help think on what's going wrong... Jon spoke to himself and thought that life should not be difficult and found a way! Ways for all of us may be different but bottom line is life seriously ought to be easy !!! Kudos Jon!

  • Cindy

    the simplicity and truth of Jon's perspective inspires me. he is absolutely correct - our thoughts and choices are what create our lives. it is wonderful that we live in a time that he can share the gift of his perspective locally and globally, so that we might all start to look within ourselves and make the shift to "life is easy". thank you Jon :)

  • jaya

    Agreed!! several times thought about it. His talk is like reading my mind. Thank you!!


    Life is easy inspired me to very great level. Life is to be lived with divine happiness joy peace loving sharing helping.... It is state of Ecstasy and Bliss. it is nothing but ENLIGHTENMENT. Let us discovery our true nature and live in that state.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    agreed, life is easy, or at least not hard through the choices we make. I had a small home & sold it and most of my possessions to create/facilitate a volunteer literacy project in a developing country. Since then I have lived in many different ways including an 8X8 hut in the rainforest and will most likely choose to never own a home with a mortgage again. Currently I live with 3 women The Golden Girls 85, 76 & 68 in an intentional living situation in Washington DC. Yes, I pay rent, but it is much lower than if I lived solo. I do think sometimes it can be a challenge to relocate to a place where one has the option to build their own home without the high cost of land or permits and required regulations; in the US even if one wants to, in most States if not all, one cannot build a house of homemade bricks as much as many of us would like to. At the same time, yes yes yes, it is all about choices to simplify. And realizing we do not need to have a mortgage, nor a fancy car of clothing. And it is definitely about relationships with each other! Thank you!!! So many gems in this talk! Hugs to you! And here's to connecting one to another!

  • Liz

    Thank you! This certainly speaks to me. I came to the same conclusion back in the 1970s. The "work-n-shop" culture, and the culture of being tied to a 9-5 job in a building with windows that could not be opened, struck me as backwards and nonsensical. Life could be, and should be, far simpler, kinder, and more enjoyable. Work and play could be, and should be, more intertwined. Why do we, as a society, make life so complicated or accept that this is as it should be? Whenever I have shared my observations about our culture, people have looked at me strangely. I am the alien, the outsider. Seeing this video lifts my heart. It reminds me of who I am. I am grateful. Though I have traveled a road less traveled by current standards, I have not been as courageous as Jon Jandai. Kudos to him. A quote I have held as a favorite since the 1960s: "To be nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else — means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting." ~ e.e. cummings, from "A Poet's Advice" (1958) Namaste

  • Sandy


  • eunice

    so true!

  • David

    He reminds me of the Philosophy of Helen and Scott Nearing, authors of "Living the Good Life" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Czr3iJBY4z0

  • Sophie

    This video made me recall why William Wordsworth's poem, The World is too Much With Us" written in 1802, touches me so deeply. Wordsworth expresses a similar message to Jon Jandai. “The world is too much with us; late and soon. Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers; Little we see in Nature that is ours; We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon! This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon, The winds that will be howling at all hours, And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers, For this, for everything, we are out of tune; It moves us not. – Great God! I'd rather be A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn; So might I, standing on this pleasant lea, Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn; Have sight of Proteus rising from the sea; Or hear old Triton blow his wreathèd horn." Wordsworth envisions a world embracing and sanctifying the pagan ancient feminine, “a creed outworn.” His vision demands a balanced world, in tune with nature, not male gender dominant. His vision laments the passing of a time when humans respected the earth. His vision sees no disdain in the baring of a woman’s breast as she nurtures her child in all its metaphorical meanings. His vision implies we have lost our loving, feeling and emotional capacities. We have “given our hearts away.” His vision reports “the sleeping flowers” rape by the furies of industry.

  • KaZ

    Ver, very inspiring! Thank you JO!

  • matangi

    life is easy, such a beautiful message about simplicity and sharing.you create your own reality and when u stop comparing and competing and be content with what u have and live from your center which is love your expression resonate with nature and find abundance everywhere

  • Micky

    I live in America and if I sold my house and bought a plot of land (a la the movie Tiny) I could do this. Dear Jo I loved this talk. What a delightful bright and beautiful spirit you are. Thank you!

  • Janet

    Truly Eye Opening Thinking Simple In All Areas Is The Only Way To Think. I'm Enlightened.

  • Suzanne

    Life is easy, so true a beautiful message of hope for so many. Some have said its not possible to do where they live. Or saying the present monetary system and power over the people is not the problem. I disagree on both counts. This talk has given us a vision of how it works for Jon and can for many others. We have to creative and envision a world that works for all people. You cannot effect change with the same mindset that created chaos for so many. Be the change you want to see that's the message. Love it!

  • pat

    My post to facebook sharing this talk Im slowly feeling this, as I harvest my own potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes I didnt plant (self sown), grapes slowly coming to ripe, mint, parsley, chives, coriander, spinach, corn. Each year the garden gets more productive.

  • Himanshu

    I attached first time with my life and understood how much easy it is? Really we had made life very complicated and with full of troublesome by ourselves only after running towards commercial and cosmetic life. Really Life could be very easy if we change ourselves and go Back To Basics.

  • EasyLiving

    Its nice to hear people spreading positive vibes! The world needs to get back to simpler times. Everyone working together! Spread the message! #LifeIsEasywww.lifeiseasyofficial.com

  • Anjali

    Make your thoughts and way of looking things easy,life itself becomes easy.Life is just what we perceive from our conditioning of mind.Great lecture by Jon.

  • Elmer

    Thanks Jon for sharing such inspiring life experienced ...

  • Robert

    When we all wake up and realize that the "pursuit" of consumerism.. is just making the wealthy wealthier and we are all slaves to the system instead of taking the time to learn what gifts we have within ourselves, to develop those gifts and talents and share these gifts and talents not for the economic gain but for what they are. Bankers and managers of companies are gifted but their talents are wasted blinded by greed. To be paid a "fair" wage for your efforts and do things because you enjoy doing it. Not because you want to become richer.

  • Prakash Yeshwant Tendulkar

    His message to laed a simple life and be peaceful and close to nature.

  • Max

    What inspired you about this video? What a beautiful man...what a beautiful mind and heart

  • KaZ Sat Siri Akers

    Words to live by and an inspiring life. Simplicity is beautiful and peaceful.

  • Climus

    he is the real teacher original thoughts actions simple humble..what I need self respect & courage to follow only to follow him

  • Polly P

    His focus on the need for connecting is well taken. Often I can have too much focus on accumulation. However, he has land, shelter, and apparently health care. For many of us we are working 80 hours to get the basics

  • Joe D

    The choice he made works for him. However, when you have people depending on you for food,shelter... the choice is not somple as that

  • Beth Ann Wodstrup

    I was just thinking about whether life was easy, and sometimes it isn't..and so I googled "life is easy"...and found Jon Jandai! He's just made my day because I feel so like him today! Thank you for inspiring me Jon ! :-)

  • Ravi Gandhi

    Why to make life so complicated.. I am sure u will like it… simple man story.. Life is Easy…. by Jon Jandai..

  • Marie A.

    The four basic need: food, house, clothes and medicine, must be cheap and easy for everybody. That's the civilization. But if we make these four things hard for many people to get, that's being uncivilized.

  • Lauren

    This is beautiful! He is right, and fortunate to live in a country where he can do this.

  • Praveen

    This man simply carries away my mind....

  • Praveen

    Being simple....Great

  • Sutheeporn

    Right! "Life is easy but mostly we lost to be difficult.

  • Guidance

    Just reading these words makes me wanna cry..very inspiring!

  • Kunuthur Srinivasa Reddy

    Living Inspirably Freely Enjoyfully is the art of life particularly for human species and this privilege is less for other forms of life on Earth. Whereas the human mind craving for material wealth and never ending desires makes it miserable and selfdestructive to itself and others around. The lifestyle of Jon Jandai is a conceptual model that reflects in true spirit the simplicity,humility,giving culture and naturality of life.It is worthy of emulation by all.

  • Spongebob

    Walter, why would you blame capitalism? You aren't forced to be involved in the free markets. Live whatever life you want and let everyone else live the life's they want. Don't blame the worlds woes on capitalism.

  • Dipendra

    Amazing, the first word which came in my mind, and the second word was disgusting. we came in this world with easiness, and learned how to make life complex. and when someone dares to live simple we say amazing. I think that i will have to think again because simplicity is universal truth, which we have forgotten. thanks for sharing the clip.......

  • Harsha

    use bicycle save the head ache of speeding tickets and parking tickets... and be healthy and be normal... I am healthy enough to be happy with my bicycle :)

  • Rosa

    I am inspired by the words to Simplify, Simplify,Simplify and not keep printing unnessarly wasting paper which now leads to clutter.

  • Jay

    This guy is a Buddha

  • walter weston

    I blame capitalism for making life hard, everything is dependent on money. And the people who have all the money because they want to be the only ones who benefit , SEE to it , that other people are miserable, all because of profit. if we abolished the monetary system or changed it the world would be a better place.

  • Carla

    the construct of the mind keeps us trapped in suffering. dissolve the ego and stay in the present and be free.

  • Anil Laud

    A friend sent me the URL.

  • Robbi Lankin

    The simplicity of thought,the message revealed and the possible, very positive outcome (action involved). All very inspiring and possible to Live Life Simply and have our basic needs met. Thank You Jon Jandai for your sense of humor and sweet reminder that Life is Easy if we believe this to be true, have the right intention and put our heart and mind to task.

  • Alina Khama-Nyane

    What a wonderful approach! I love the fact that this "light" has the capacity to simplify what we make complex. I felt ensconsed in his good vibrations. Lovely x

  • Debalina Roy

    Today onwards, this is my motto 'Life is easy'.It has inspired me to set a side all issues and perturbations to enjoy the smooth flow of simple life.

  • Ganesh

    Jon's presentation was exceptionally inspiring. Thank you, Karmatube; thank you Jon. The message from the Bhagvad-Gita embodies the same message - simple living, high thinking. Human body is a rare opportunity to understand who you are, to understand you are part of the Supreme and to understand that that Supreme Lord loves you. It's not meant to toil hard like the hogs and asses - where is food? where is food? We need to make our lives simple and use it to achieve higher grades of happiness. I was born and brought up in the city and I used to spend time in the country side when I was a child, during my summer vacations. Although, I don't know farming and other skills to live in the country-side, I am determined to make my living in the city simple in my own way.

  • Lorenzo Kunwon

    "I think life is indeed simple. It is we human that that try to make it difficult by a habitual thinking that the more you get the happier you become."

  • G Narayana

    We can live life Simple, far simple than we can believe. It only requires to change our mindset and learn to understand life from nature.

  • Rajiv Bariar

    In this fast growing life people forgot their origin, so sometime back to origin is good to life & this is nature rule that the more you want the tough is life

  • Paula

    This message is so inspiring and so true. The actions he describes may not be possible in many parts of the world but the truth of his message is that we can live much more simply than we do by changing our minds. We all have the choice to simplify.

  • N.A.F.

    it is true that we can't only rely on money but also reconnect to people? but what if the people don't have quality to be reconnected? I disconnected 70% of relatives and they call me to reconnect them but I don't think they will be better than I knew.

  • Cressa

    awsome reminds me that only I can empower my self only I can choose what kind of life I want to live thai I can choose to live easy life , even haveing a home is possible. As I watched some birds fly from their nest last spring I thought how complicated humans homes have become. This video makes me think having home making home is possible and can be simple Thankyou

  • Daya

    I would be bored out of my wits if the only options are to do things around your own commune. I would fly to the far corners of the world, connect, share and enjoy life fully and I can be a physician, artist, teacher, cab driver or a used truck salesman and enjoy what I am doing and not crib about everything possible that I can decry. I loved my time in university and disagree that the tools acquired are all destructive. What we choose to do with the tools that higher education provides us is up to us. Jon, thank you, but I am quite happy selling used trucks, paying a mortgage, buying stuff that make me happy, sharing and connecting with people across the world thanks to the internet, airplanes, modern medicine none of which are possible if we all sit around gossiping about sisters-in-law after a siesta.

  • Michele

    Less is more.

  • Brian

    Thanks guys...yes, he really has it figured out :-) Food, shelter, clothes and medicine....anything else is uncivilized.... All the best...thanks for the new Karma tube...Peace, healthful, joyful blessings. Brian

  • Yogesh

    The contented man is the richest man in the world I love Jon's quote, 'I cannot manage anything outside myself but I can manage my mind' this is so true - I would also add - what anyone else thinks of me is none of my business.

  • Sue

    We have made life so complicated that it's hard to grasp this concept of "easy" but it is attainable. It just depends on how committed we are to doing it. It's a new learning process....or un-learning. I've been working on this for a year now and I have a long way to go. But, I'm enjoying the journey.

  • Pam

    This is really interesting and inspiring, but I feel like there are some things he is not acknowledging. First and foremost, he has access to land! That, and I'm guessing a plentiful supply of clean water as well. Those are the true sources of his wealth. I don't know how land tenure works in Thailand, but for most of us getting access to land puts us in exactly the same 30-year debt trap as buying a house. And if your water supply is uncertain or your soil is poor? It's not going to be so easy.

  • Barbara

    I have been laid off from my job and my anxiety has increased my concerns about how and what I will do to provide for my family. I have been looking at what I have lost and seeing what I have. Jon's words enable me to change my mind set. Thank You

  • Sarah Forsythe

    This is it! I am looking to start homesteading with our kids - I am a physician but I will never encourage my kids to get industrialized and debt ridden by higher education. We homeschool and teach the real history of the US before it was rewritten to suit industry. The earth is a garden of eden if we don't get in the way:) Peace --I believe the people can change the world by the choice to be a consumer or not --stop consuming and we don't have a huge government run by resource snatching companies that create wars throughout the world...the people can do it.

  • Janis Horwedel

    The Plain truth. We need less government, and more of a personal constitution. Money is empty when you're full. Are we full? Jon spoke the truth about it all. It is simple and belongs tous all.

  • T

    Love it. Jon is the richest man alive!

  • Pat Chiappa

    You have to love someone who places so much emphasis on whether or not something is fun. Fun isn't always about silly, it's also lightness, being carefree, enjoyment, beauty, simple, joyous, love.....

  • Love

    I agree 100%! I've lived an effortless lifestyle for a decade. People think something is wrong with me since I'm not in debt, not a work-a-holic, and live a blissful loving lifestyle. Oh, I have little to no stress. Great video!

  • bilkis

    yes i think he is very right, in persuit of material needs, we forget our roots and do not connect with our loved ones.What gives you real happiness is your own people and a simple life with fewer needs gives you peace, good health and a longer life.

  • Lina

    Such simple, sweet wisdom he shares. It's so easy in the midst of our seemingly complex world to go with the idea of complexity, and yet when we break it down to the basics, to what's really important, as he says, life is easy. It is a matter of choice!

  • vinod eshwer heera lal

    this is the life i am working towards! letting go and simplifying to whatever extent it is possible. one day i hope to live like Jon.

  • Sujata

    I am Very Joyful that he is one of the centers of change the earth needs. Now to solve the issue how to take the vision and work it in an industrialized ownership driven western society that demands conformity, where even buying a piece of land takes one 30 years and forces you to conform to its set rules of money earning. Every aspect of western life has to be re-structured all in small pockets that can enlarge and mushroom to take in the whole or other pockets to change. I have educational degrees Master levels but there is nothing out there i want to or willing to do - just for the fact it makes me sick on all levels. I am not a lazy person, when i find something i like to do i give it my all even forgetting to eat and sleep. The hardness keeps me at bay. His entire speech is true for every human today. I would love to spend time at his center. Thank you Jon Jandai for being the change and the courage to do it.

  • Jane

    I think most of what he says is true. We tend to make our lives more difficult than they need to be. We all have so much, but do we really "need" it all to survive? I wonder.

  • Tom Duffy

    A thoughtful presentation that gives me some food for thought - Life is Easy. At a time in history when having, getting, accumulating, materialism has become the basis for life in so many lives... his message beckons to me to become part of the Common Good. I enjoyed this talk very much.

  • carol

    What he said was so true! but the countryside of Thailand is a far cry from living in a city in the UK. I have lived in the country of Malaysia and what he does is so much easier to do there! but in my country other than being at peace within yourself we have to pay the bills.

  • Sab

    line to reflect: We make it hard for who?

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