Angelo Pangalos' project has a simple purpose - to encourage and inspire people to share a smile with a stranger. Pangalos has been in and out of hospitals since the age of five. Faced with one health crisis after another, and unable to work, Pangalos decided to give the one thing he didn't have - a smile. For the last several years, Pangalos has used his passion for magic and music to entertain strangers wherever he goes, collecting smiles and stories. He is not the best magician or musician, but Pangalos lives his life with purpose - to give joy to others.


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  • Lynn

    I was inspired by Angelo's bravery and acceptance of his life struggles. At the lowest point for him, he made the choice to focus on the good. He is a true hero in our world. Thank you.

  • David Nowicki

    We get to chose in this life our attitude and our gift to the world. Where you put your energy and focus is truly the only thing we create in this world. He has chosen wisely.

  • Yvonne

    Angelo, made a decision, to stop focusing on his sad life, his next decision was to give the best of himself....always a smile along with the gifts he discovered that were his and share what he has. A smile tells each one of us that we have been seen. Thank you Angelo for the inspiration you are.

  • Olivia

    Beautiful! It's so important to remember that every person has their own measure of pain in life and that we can do something in each moment, and each encounter, to connect with people and thereby lessen the pain. Nice work, Angelo.

  • Jennifer

    soul smiles . . . thank you for the uplifting purposeful living . . peace

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    YES!!!! Here's to taking one's pain or challenges and turning it into hope and connection! My own journey of growing up with a suicidal father, a mother with a significant anxiety disorder and a brother who was alcoholic by age 14 (he is sober 23 years!) I chose to share hope and healing and joy with strangers. Whether sharing bubbles on the subways of NYC or FREE HUGS all over the world. Each encounter is an opportunity to help others shine, open up, smile and live fully! HUGS from my heart to yours! Oh and oooooOoOoOOoo bubbles too! :)

  • Tree

    RIGHT ON!!!!! He has learned the TRUTH! When we let our souls shine thru we can over come our physical ailments. Our bodies r beautifully made & ARE made to heal themselves. The answer to this difficult physical life IS find ur passion, we r here for JOY!!! I don't have a special talent like music like he does but I've also been amazed @ how I can offer a smile - just look around @ the grocery store or in bumper to bumper traffic & give a smile! Be open & willing to share ur story & feel the connection & their sharing begins!!!

  • Vickie

    We all have a choice to make every day. We can choose to let our circumstances make us bitter and then reflect that bitterness out into the world; or we can choose to be grateful and share that gratefulness with the world - starting with a genuine smile.

  • Paul

    He transformed his pain and knows to help others do it too if they want it.

  • Marlene

    It reminded me to persevere regardless of the circumstances in one's life.

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