Some call it the greatest speech ever made. This remix puts Charlie Chaplin's climactic address from "The Great Dictator" (1940) into present-day context, showing how the spirit of liberty, brotherhood, and equality that defeated fascism seven decades ago must be urgently reclaimed.


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  • Anne

    Goosebumps! I am struck by the phrase "unnatural men" and I think of poor demented Trump and the poor people who have been infected with his sickness. And especially the evil men, who are not afraid, but who use the sickness of fear and hate to serve their lust for power and the illusion of wealth. Thank you for reviving this.💚

  • Lynne E Scaglia

    Just as relevant today as it was when Charlie Chaplin first spoke these powerful words! Love:)

  • adel

    " this was. is a will be an insirational speech for the rest of the world upto eternity.If we are human being we must know being human and that is the greatest conquer/achievement.may such speeches become practical part of evert human being globally.

  • bpeterson

    humanity fro a humaist a reminder of the future from the past we have the abiity we have the numbers we just need to shed the fear to leave us with one collrctio f ods these words had lived do live inside all men that donot become beasts for other mens burdens

  • Sheryl

    To think that if Hitler had turned this way, for the good of all mankind, what the world would be like today.....

  • david

    "If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind... We can never be sure that the opinion we are endeavoring to stifle is a false opinion; and if we were sure, stifling it would be an evil still- John Stewart Mill, Ch II, of the Liberty of Thought and Discussion

  • pratibha

    charlie chaplain knew it -



  • Kolby

    What remix? All you did was play a song from Inception (too loud at times) in the background.

  • ron goodman

    The entire point of the video that everyone on this page seems to miss is that Chaplin wearing a parody of the Nazi dictator's uniform is able to present a reasonable appealing message and mesmerize his audience with what appears to be a message of peace and understanding turning his audience into an unified army that is ready to fight. That is the whole point. Such was Hitler's talent. Now how does it apply to today?

  • karim bataineh

    are people inherently bad or good? i have really been seeking to answer this question. i work as a dialogue facilitator on issues of race, gender, western and middle eastern issues, interfaith, and interculture. The dialogues bring out the humanity in ppl, allows ppl to see the "other" group as ppl just like them, they FEEL each other. but at the same time i am aware and mixed up with all the worst that humans have done to each other. war, famine, racial intolerance. and so i question if we as humans are good (as we appear to be in dialogues) how can i explain all the horros we have inflicted on each other??

  • ArunChikkop

    Those are some of the BEST words I ever head. so amazingly true: WE THINK TOO MUCH AND FEEL TOO LITTLE....) THANK YOU FOR SHARING

  • pratibha

    Such models for greatness should be frequently viewed!!

  • fisheye

    Benjamin Franklin said that those would surrender liberty for security would have neither. No government, no religion, no philosophy, can provide for you. You won't gain anything by imposing your preconceived notions on others, whether they belong to the Tea Party or the Green Party. While sometimes rough men must do dangerous things in the dark to protect us, we will never be free until all of us can grant others as much freedom as we demand for ourselves. We can never regulate ourselves into liberty-rather, we can only be free if if we all accept the responsibility freedom requires.

  • Trypheyna

    How simple it seems to put the same energy and power into love and good as it is hate and evil. How inspiring would it be to hear one of todays' politicians talk with equal passion about turning our policies towards supporting and caring for each other.

  • Jeff Sohler

    A great song/video derived from the same speech...

  • Scott Jenkins

    I just wrote a senior project about stripping workers and voters rights and how if we don't rise up to take back our democracy we may be under a theocratic totalitarian form of oppression! Thanks.

  • jaffray geddes

    To speak 'truth to power' to politicians, corporations,to work/income down to your corrupt justice system,to your lying your money-powered rich and famous, is as futile and impossible as an elephant making love to an ant!!! 'power does not listen'and if,as an individual with all the talent in word in speech in pen in the world, those 'powers' will destroy you!!!THE NOBLE PLEDGES ARE AS CHAFF ON THE WINDS!

  • Tobesograteful

    Sir Charles Chaplin was a multi talented individual and inspired and entertained the world with his great gifts, although he had human flaws like the rest of us. He was born and raised in extreme poverty and wanted no one else to suffer the humiliation and powerlessness of poverty like he did. He believed strongly in a system that would feed and provide for everyone's needs and so he was persecuted as a communist. I believe that his mother was Jewish and died young as did his father. He wrote music and was a wonderful dancer as well. He wrote and composed "Smile," a beautiful and dear song. I am glad that his work still inspires people.

  • Scott Jenkins

    I just finished my senior project at Cal Poly on the same subject that Charlie Chaplin is speaking of. He is a true today as he was back then.

  • Scott Jenkins

    It is awesome! I just finished a senior project on the Tea Party and the underlying racism fueling states' rights issues of right to work laws and voter suppression laws in the form of voter I.D. laws. Charlie Chaplin is just as awesome today as he was back then.

  • Mary-Luz H

    Oh and what a wonderful and beautiful world this would be, if only Hitler united the world with such wisdom and aspirations instead of hatred, prejudices, fear, ignorance and violence. Violence breed violence not peace.

  • szeine

    the underlying altruism and wisdom

  • D S Ranga Rao

    Hitler remained adamant till his death. No Chaplin, nor Gautam Buddha, nor Mahatma Gandhi could have changed him. A violent start has to be ended violently only.

  • hugh callacher

    You inspire us well with your finds Karma crew! Thanks to those behind the scenes at Karma...... Keep up the good work.

  • Brian

    Thanks guys....Wow!....good find...Keep the torch lit...Peace and blessings....

  • inones justis

    Man has forgotten through many agendas that all expressions of so called life are in fact only One Life, all expressions are unique aspects of the One Life the Infinite Source. When one thinks, acts etc... it impacts the entire cosmos, the core of All is One. From this high point of view- love, respect, humble, reverence, kindness takes on a great depth of meaning. All is an expression of One Being - so to love, respect, help etc.. others is in fact thinking, feeling, doing to your own self. my point of view is Oneness Thank you Charlie Chaplin for expressing it so passionately.

  • alicia partida

    Charlie Chaplin must have been a very spiritual person and one who knew the power of body language what I saw of him as a child was a very fun loving halarious person who brought us and showed us JOY, the world is changing with the internet we can make life more transparent and nothing had hide in the darkness anymore we have to Turn On that light that is a human heart and full it with love this is the key to our bondage of fear . Love and Peace are our birth right we should not have to earn it ,fight for it ,seduce it ,manipulate it ,pay for it .Peace its the only security and when we feel safe we relax . Save the trees and save our breathe ...


    Its good think and inspirable because,it gives the idea about our unity that we all are same of same univers having only one think in our mind is love and peace.

  • joeldude

    Very Inspirational!...what has happened to us? ;-()

  • hossein

    axcelent all works thinks idea best way he go tens years ahead of time . i wish growth more and more oeople like her .

  • hossein

    it is thrust of the big good man that saw the future of the world without discription .

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  • Chaplin’s "The Great Dictator" was a brilliant, daring satire of the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazism, long before the U.S. entered WWII.  Learn more about this important film.
  • Listen to other great political speeches from decades-gone-by and reflect on the ways that the problems persist, the ideals remain unfulfilled, and the messages remain relevant. 
  • Try this thought experiment: if, like Charlie Chaplin in "The Great Dictator", you had the opportunity to “speak truth to power” to whom would you address your words and what would you say?

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