Delight in this gorgeous animation designed for children and adults alike by 'A Better World'. The film portrays how small acts of kindness can positively change the feelings and attitudes of others and how naturally this will spread, grow and flourish within our communities and beyond. The Better Worldian's strategy is to plant flowers instead of pulling weeds, cultivating the goodness in everybody, so we can all make it a better world.


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  • Carol

    Simplicity. One moment of kindness changes the outlook of one person. Hopefully, one person at a time, we can change the outlook of the world.

  • Brahm

    Excellent video which needs to be seen by every child as well as adult.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    love the simplicity. Fun and effective! HUG

  • Lynda

    Everything -- the examples were just right! And I liked the picture changing to color after the act was completed. Thank you for encouraging thoughtful behavior!

  • carl

    It's simplicity and it's infectiousness ... not to mention the examples could easily happen in one's day ... Are we present to even see the opportunities?

  • Rita

    In addition to the thoughtful acts....the inspiration they provided to keep the kindness flowing. It's a wonderful epidemic to start. Let's 'infect' the world!

  • Phi

    I love colors and appreciate kindness, and you put them together!

  • Candice Davies

    Delightful! I will integrate this into my Mindfulness program immediately! Reminds me of another great video that you might like: Thanks so much!

  • Annette

    Simple message yet very profound. This should be obvious to all, alas...but it's not. The joy of giving to/doing for another has it's 'selfish' side in that it just makes one feel so very good and happy.

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  • Explore the 'A Better World' website which includes a blog, games, links to other amazing initiatives as well as oppurtunities for the whole family to get involved. 
  • Creating a meaningful dialogue about positive values with children and students can be difficult. Here are some inspirational videos appropriate for youngsters (and grownups) to keep the conversation going. 
  • Be the change! This is an oldie but a goodie....perform a simple act of kindness. Write what you did in the comments section to encourage others. Stuck for ideas? Here is 101 from BuzzFeed.

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