Without telling their coaches, the football players of Olivet Middle School conspired to execute an extraordinary play at their next home game. Actually, it was two plays. The first was to get as close to the goal line as possible without scoring. And the second?  Well, you'll just have to watch the video to find out. The most remarkable effect of the play? "I kind of went from being somebody who mostly cared about myself and my friends to caring about everyone and trying to make everyone's day and everyone's life." Now that may make this the most successful football play of all time.


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  • Ajaya

    Everything. Success is only there to make everyone successful

  • Yvonne McAskill

    Their solidarity...with the love of their land, and their commitment not to be scared of standing up for what they believe in.

  • Cynthia

    Amazing what the heart and spirit of human beings can do for all mankind. You made my day!

  • Bo

    Just loved it! Made my day.

  • Robert

    As a teacher of special needs students here in Canada I cannot express how proud I am of the players on Olivet's football team. It takes courage to do something different; and even more courage to do it for the benefit of someone else ... awesome is too small a word to describe this team of players ... they are "unbelieveablyunselfish' and I applaud you and what you stood for. To Keith ... Yeaaa! Whoot! Whoot! ... Congrats!; ...for Justice ... that tear proved you are more of a man at your age than many are in adulthood ... I wish everyone of you at Olivet wondrously fulfilling lives.

  • Arielle

    I find it really nice that teenagers would just do this for a kid.... even though he wasn't what they thought, they still stood up for him, even on the field....WOW!!!!!

  • LindaHershey

    The overwhelming compassion that these young boys have for this special boy. God bless all of them and may they find success in all future endeavors. The world needs more young people like this!

  • Mats

    This is just amazing. It really shows that kids and teenagers these days CAN make a difference. It's just that... not ALL of them know it yet.

  • Julie Seguin

    For 35 years I taught special needs students. Many times I witnessed acts of caring and kindness on the part of other students toward my charges, but these boys took compassion for their special teammate to a new level! Their acts of kindness not only enhanced their teammate's life, but theirs as well.

  • Bob Ostrowski

    What an amazing bunch of boys. There are many good kids out there today who do amazing things for there fellow human beings. They are not all uncaring. They do show love for each other.

  • Brandon Jacoby

    Tears to my eyes, I wish I could personally thank every single one of these boys. Incredible hearts, best thing I've seen/heard in a while. Keep strong everyone, love and light!

  • Pamela Kissinger

    I am amazed. The young men should get some kind of special recognition.

  • Maria Byrd

    These kids are awesome they need to teach all other kids that !!!!Every School should play this video for the WHOLE school to see!!!!! BOYS you are GREAT !!!!!!

  • Betsy

    These special young men show us in this simple act of kindness and compassion how to make this world a better place. This is unconditional love.

  • June

    You brought tears to my eyes, boys. The best play I've ever seen!

  • jayne

    I have hope for humanity! Thankyou lads. You are stars!!!xxx

  • Yongky

    If all the new generation begin to think and act like them.I think we need not to worry about the future of this world.Awesome generation!.Kudos guys!

  • Austin S

    This article and video changed my perspective on how I’m going to think about day to day things. It inspired me to look out for everyone else and try and make someone else’s day or week, make them smile or show them some kindness. I believe everyone in the world needs to sit down and watch this video and I’m being 100 percent serious most inspiring video ever because these kids aren’t even in high school yet and they already have hearts bigger than most of us in this world.

  • Cindy P

    Somehow, some way they got it all right. Everyone benefitted from this simple act of kindness and bravery. Why bravery? Those young athletes took it on the chin as the crowd booed them for not scoring. Bravo young men, you have made your teammate feel whole, you received an unexpected feeling of accomplishment and good and you have affected thousands (maybe millions with this video. Now that's a WIN, WIN, WIN!!!

  • Roger Green

    I am an Englishman in the UK who has never been able to understand American Football, but that does not matter, I fully understand what these kids did, and it brought tears to my eyes; every day we see the petulance and arrogance of vastly overpaid professional players in our football league; they should all be forced to watch this video, to remind them what 'sportsmanship' is really all about. I hope that these boys keep their perspective throughout their lives.

  • manjit

    The joy on Keith's parents faces...... beautiful!!!!

  • Fran

    What inspired you about this video? To the young people of America- There was a time when youth looked to adults for guidance and inspiration. Now adults are acting like children. So the young people are teaching the adults how to be kind, caring and compassionate. Congratulations, our world is in good hands

  • Jan

    I love how they were all grinning ear to ear they were so excited making their teammate feel included. I was moved by the courage they displayed sharing with such emotion how their lives were so touched by what they had done. Bravo! Way to trump bullying!

  • Sets

    Simply awesome! Wish there were kids like that when I was young! But doing the right thing is always its own reward!

  • Tim B.

    I was touched all the way through the video but,the wide receiver made me cry with him.

  • Sherrey

    What a lesson this group of middle school boys have placed before us! We adults need to take this lesson to heart.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Adults can learn so much from children. What a Beautiful gift these children gave to their friend. <3 Kindness. Always. No Exception! <3

  • David & Anne

    Helping others is the best thing anyone can do. Wish the people that represent us in the House would think more of the American people that need help. I think a lot of the players on this team will go on to great things.

  • No-one

    giving is more satisfying than receiving !

  • chad harper

    Football saves lives!! what a beautiful gift. very inspiring to find someone in my community and bless them in this way

  • Judith S

    I wish that the grownups could know and get what these guys knew and got about the need for everyone on the team!

  • Shae

    I loved this! Kudos to this football team for taking that step further and making a lasting difference to the player. I especially enjoyed the emtoion the football players connected with giving him a chance to be one of them. Like somebody else said, with all the news lately of school bullying going on, this is truly something that really needs to make headlines! :)

  • Billie

    Absolutely incredible! Thank you to these amazing young football players for reminding all of us of what a beautiful world it can be when we treat each other with kindness, respect and love. Let's take their example and "play it forward".

  • Brenda

    These young players made me cry with this act of kindness. Well done!

  • Victor

    Their coaches could never approve the idea... Jesus said, "unless you come to me as a child goes to his father, you cannot enter The Kingdom of God". (my version)

  • Alberto G.

    I believe the next step in human evolution is waking up and this kids are doing so great.

  • Courtney

    With all the stories of bullying in school, it's so great to see a story like this. I have to give some credit to the parents of these kids too, who are obviously doing something right!

  • Helene

    Living in a world where the evening news is filled with fatalities and stories of violence, it is heartwarming to see such an act of selflessness. It is true that "No act of kindness is too small. The gift of kindness may start as a small ripple that over time can turn into a tidal wave affecting the lives of many." -Kevin Heath Ceo More4kid

  • dale

    awesome :-)))

  • skinskan

    Fantastic! who would have thought that such a selfless simple action could change so many lives. In this world, which seems darker by the day, these kids are such a bright hope for the future and I suspect that this is just the start for them...they won't be able to stop now!

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