He's pushed his disabled son's wheelchair through 85 marathons. He's also towed Rick in a dinghy, swimming the 2.4 miles before pedaling with his son in a seat on the handlebars as they completed stages of triathlons. It's all part of this extraordinary father-son effort to transcend disability. When technology allowed Rick to type, he said, "Dad, when we were running, it felt like I wasn't disabled anymore." That sentence changed Dick Hoyt's life. He and his son qualified for the Boston marathon in 1992, finishing 35 minutes shy of the world record. Then somebody suggested a triathlon. So far, they've done 212, not to mention four Ironman contests. Someone suggested Dick try racing on his own. "No way," he says.


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  • tim

    nothuing da vidie dosent work

  • Sam

    A true father gives life for his children.

  • Pankaj

    This is REAL KARMA. I feel Blessed that I came across your story. God Bless The Duo.

  • Andrew Parkes

    Dick and Rick, you are both truly inspirational. I saw a post on Facebook about your achievements and then googled Strongest Dad in the World which brought me here. I have a very good friend who's son was born very, very prematurely and he was born deaf with cerebral palsy. Lachlan is a smart young man who's really into sailing and his father Tony is very involved in supporting him. They have competed is national and world championships, but I now have a new challenge to inspire both of them. What a beautiful story and I'm so pleased that you both get so much from working together. I wish you all the very best for 2015 and the future. Kindest regards, Andrew Parkes, Sydney, Australia

  • Joyce

    We are not alone. As I watched this I was reminded of the quote that "a successful team beats with one heart". What a blessed team this father and son make.

  • Twila

    As a disabled person myself.....and a participant in the creation of a sport for disabled people to be in the Olympics. We fight for equality for all of us. YOU sir, inspire me to keep moving forward and never give up on this challenge. Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!

  • kati

    I don't know what moved me more: the togetherness of father and son or the excitement and commitment both must have been feeling as they raced. WOW! Thanks.

  • Marc

    Do you have a computer? A milling machine? Know how to make a circuit? Have a TechShop Membership? Don't stop imagining what is possible just because the video is over. I get why Dick would never run alone. That's not his point. His son could someday run it by himself. That's my point. Way to go Dick you're an inspiration to dads everywhere.

  • adolfo

    answer to Monica:" life is difficult " said the Buddha, " but once we ACCEPT that life is difficult, life IS NO LONGER DIFFICULT"( added Dr.Scott Peck,a famous psycologist,paraphrasing the Buddha ) I am 76 - have lived my life"accepting"life's difficulties, and inspite of everything life presented me with,I consider myself the luckiest man on earth. A bit of advice: carv some time to go back to school...yes you heard me right: the cost of ignorance is infinitely higher than the cost of education( life at times - is difficult - just BECAUSE we dont "understand" life's difficulty - peace love and blessings

  • Jan

    Rick was in our youth group in church in Westfield, MA, that I was serving. He was in junior high, and his Mom ( Judy) and Dad ( Dick) made certain that Rick was able to participate in all the youth activities, from roller skating, to sledding and tubing down snowy slopes, to spelunking to mini golf. He went on all our road trips and retreats. It was extraordinary and inspiring then evidence of a love so amazing that it will not accept limitations. I continue to be impressed...and inspired by Dick's extraordinary physical strength and mental discipline, as well as his devotion to Rick and his family. Rick's intelligence and passion for sports and the outdoors was evident from his childhood, and Dick and Judy...and his brother Rob, enabled his freedom from the confines of his physical disability to experience his wildest dreams. There is no greater human love than this.

  • adolfo

    " Each one of us has no limits; we are all inevitable; and each one on his own right on this earth" Walt Whitman

  • Linda

    My brother-in-law suffered bedridden for 14 years with full cognitative ability however, no verbal or physical ability with misdiagnosed Wilson's disease. Watching Rick feel free was truly inspiring & Dick you have earned your angel wings for the many who can't speak. Thank you for lifting spirtis worldwide!

  • Matt

    What isnpired me when I saw this video, is the LOVE that the father has to his son. In here we really can see the LOVE of the father demonstrated by the things that he'd done to his son. The strenght and the perseverance that he had lavishly given to his son. He wanted to show to his son how beautiful and great life can be despite of the situation his son has. I can see the Father in heaven through him. Thanks for this post. It's really an uplifting one. God bless us all!

  • Jeff

    I am filled with love watching this

  • su

    Amazing. very very special bond and love. may god bless you both

  • Cathy

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Love to both of you!

  • naveen kanth

    no words...clouds in my eyes melted down as tears..... it is his commitment his son.....kneeling down to you sir...

  • monica

    i just wanna say thank i myself am a sinlge mother struglling to make ends meat and i thought my life was horribles but now i know what is uncondicional love thank you very much you gave me the streghnt to continue on when i thought it would be impossible god bless you

  • Kyra

    This beautiful video helped me to realize the potential of pure love between us, "if only we can imagine" who knows what the possibilities are? The possibilities that love creates between our lovers, our friends, our families, our fellow workers and the world. Thank you kindly for this lovely reminder. Kyra .

  • Joanna

    WOW!!!!! I watched it with my daughter, and i can only imagine!!! What an amazing abundance of LOve, what a gift they are to each other and i wonder how wonderful the world would be if we all showed each other this much love!!

  • sam

    Amazing story. As a new dad this makes me want to be and do better, and never make excuses for taking the easy road with my new son :) thank you for sharing!

  • Sebastian P V

    Unconditional love, a true manifestation of unadulterated love! Dedicated father, so caring for his son! I was lucky to watch it during this season of Lent. God bless.

  • Eva

    Is there anything that is impossible for love? What else is possible if we live in love?

  • kellie

    Truly inpirational and brought tears to my eyes.

  • Norton M.

    Wow! That was an amazing short film. This is inspirational to me and makes me want to be a better father, husband, son, person. Thanks for sharing. Plus the music was great. We don't see enough of these stories that show men how to be men. Great job!

  • jasmine citrine

    What inspired you about this video? Wow seeing the commitment and love this man has for his son was truly amazing....It puts value right back on the map about what is important in our lives, and you simply have so much to give and this man puts us all to shame!!

  • fc in sequim

    How wonderful to witness the father's love and dedication and the son's pure joy in participating/hearing the crowds cheers. What a awesome, inspiring video this is.

  • Jill Harris

    What passionate serving of this father for his son. It undid me, to witness this video of deep devotion, absolute trust & the highest love between humans. To serve ...

  • Paul

    I cried watching this video this morning. Thank God I'm the only one in the office watching. Others would have wondered what is making me cry. I am inspired and challenged by this love and selflessness. God bless you Dick. There's no mountain we cannot climb in life only if we determine to overcome our limitations by t5he help of the Almighty. I'm inspired to be a better father. God bless you Team Hoyt!

  • Shilpa Unalkat

    Absolutely phenomenal transcendence of physical limitation. The universe just steps aside in the presence of such extraordinary tenacity and will to succeed. Bravo, we salute you both...

  • kim

    So inspiring, so much love

  • Dee Di Gioia

    WOW! I would love to meet these two! Veru inspiring! I have added it as a resource on my new website about Sharing More Acts of Caring & Kindness (and no-bullying). THANK YOU so much for sharing, but more for your great example of love and perseverance!www.starfishdee.com

  • Sidney Pitts

    This video was absolutely amazing, this has inspired me to be a better father. God Bless you!

  • Elena Carbajal

    What an incredible human being full of love, light and the biggest heart.....God bless you brother

  • Pat Goosen

    This is truly an amazing, beautiful and inspirational lesson about Love, Caring which is the purpose of our existence. An amazing Good News story that needs to be shared. Thank God for your example. PG

  • Angel

    Thank You KARMA, For sharing such an inspirable video. It really motivated me and made my day towards positiveness.

  • FJ

    thanks for sharing this wonderful video!

  • vishwanath

    Really inspiring.I have been very sipportive to my son.It gave me further booster.

  • Alannah

    Unconditional Love in Action. Awesome! Love it, thanks!


    You do not have to imagine; when you see Jesus, he will dance for YOU! You are truly inspiring, both of you. You define parenthood. If love and devotion could build mountains, you would have the most beautiful views. Love you both!

  • michael jones

    Truly inspirational, tears ran down my cheaks so much emotion the power of love and determination if your motives are right there is no end to what we can achive

  • Narinder Sander

    Godbless you

  • shanthi

    There are so many people out there abusing their kids and here is the story of an amazing DAD who gives the joy of running marathons, and all that he can do for his SON. Great person and great DAD..... I wish there were more like him out there.

  • Nicola again

    Having a brother that also suffers from disabilities, but not in a wheelchair way this is very moving and amazing. The power that they both show is also moving

  • Nicola

    This is an amazing video, i think thats this dad and son have a true love and dick is amazing how he is that strong to cope with situations like this one. It does make me feel so selfish, and i am so proud of them both. Truly outstanding

  • Analou L. Suan

    I am the Project Director of a small organization implementing a children's rehabilitation project for poor children with various disabilities in Dumaguete City, central part of the Philippines. I have seen this touching video and I would like to ask if we can make it a part of our parents capacity buiding program. It is very inspiring and I know that the parents, especially the fathers, will be moved by it. I would like to know how it can be reproduced. Or better yet, if i can get a clear copy for showing to the small communities where these children live. Thank you very much. Analou L. Suan Project Director GPRehab SL Teves Subd. Calindagan, Dumaguete City Philippines

  • Steven Crisp

    Team Hoyt -- I had heard about you before, and thought it was very impresive all that you had accomplished. But this is the first time I saw this video. I am moved beyond words. I put it up on my blog as well. I hope that's OK. http://reflectionsofbeauty.blogspot.com/2007/05/yes-you-can.html Thanks for all the inspiration, motivation, awareness, acceptance, and demonstration of love and compassion. Just what the world needs.

  • karen

    im in love with u both u r AMAZING!XXXXXXXX

  • Reuben Maphutha

    I'm humbled and really learned a lesson that life is wonderful only if we could learn to be selfless and love beyond our circumstances. Love has proven to be human ability we all have.

  • KT

    Unbelievable!!!!!!! This is so AWESOME!!!!! I saw these gentlemen on Oprah and I was moved to tears then. Today as I watch it, I was full out crying. This was Beautiful!!! Imagine is the Best way to describe this dynamic duo. If they can do what they do, imagine what we can do : ) as a human race and as a human being. Very inspiring. KT

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