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For a year and a half, artist Lori Portka painted her gratitude through individual pieces of art for 100 people who have made a difference in her life. In her effort to truly live a life of gratitude, Lori learned that gratitude grows, and grows, and grows. "The more that I focused on gratitude, the more I was grateful for." This beautiful film captures Lori's motivation and some of the reactions from the recipients of her gratitude at an emotional exhibition of the 100 paintings. "One person, one person can make such a difference."


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  • Ed

    As my persona now emanates male senior citizen, I can no longer hide tears in the corners of my eyes from my wife. She sometimes teases me about it. I can't help it and can barely explain it. Thank YOU Lori for sharing this incredible gratitude project and video.

  • Mary

    THANK YOU Lori! and husband Jay, and all the individuals that inspired her AND filmmaker Hailey, and the musicians, and karmatube...for this 7 minute gift of color and sound and kindness and love. THANKS BE TO ALL :)

  • Annt Tracy

    All the colors and simplicity make it easy to enjoy. No thoughts required!

  • lydia

    Such beautiful talent and inspiration in this dear artist who IS LOVE in action. Blessings on Lori's gifts.

  • John

    gratitude. What a wonderful place to live!

  • Lulu

    This is amazing. What a beautiful way to express one’s appreciation for the gifts of friendships. A unique honoring. I’m forwarding this beautiful story. May we realize our grateful spirits that always surround us.

  • Vicky

    How moved Lori's "subjects" were by her gifts stood out to me. The joy is in the little, everyday things. Gratitude is a gift we can give others and Lori's gifts have made a difference in so many lives. I am moved and inspired by her heart and her actions.

  • Beth

    In this moment, I am in such gratitude to Lori for following her heart inspiration and bringing this beautiful creation into the world. And to all who helped with the film. It's exactly what I needed to see today-- it touched me so very deeply. Thank you! Thank you! Gratitude is a subtle, yet profound shift in energy/consciousness that is the game changer for all of us. Thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring reminder. 🙏🏼

  • Christine Grace

    Thank you, Lori. I can relate to every word and action. I love the simplicity of expressing gratitude for every person that connected Lori to her heart.

  • Shraddha

    Wow.. this is so touching and beautiful.. Its so inspiring. Like you righting said, when u think about gratitude you surround yourself with it too.. you attract what you are..

  • Natalie

    Just mesmerising!!!

  • Parthib Banerjee

    Your gratitude is your attitude. Great Going Gratitude.

  • Phyllis Allen

    This is simply beautiful. I have been asked by my Circle at church to do a program in February. My thought was to do it on thanks/love. When I searched the internet your video came up and I just closed my eyes and said "thank you Lord" for leading me to this video that I would love to use for this program. I am guess it is okay to use it? This is the most beautiful expression of gratitude I have ever seen. Thank you so much for inspiring me to share this with my friends in Circle of Faith at Jamestown UMC in Jamestown, NC.

  • Brenda

    I came across as I was writing a message on FB page honouring a woman who meant so much to me and died at the age of 96 last year. How I got to this article is mind boggling as but what an inspiration.

  • Gurvinder

    It's inspiring to convey the message that there are 100 reasons to be thankful for life. Great work. God bless.

  • Johanne

    I am speechless after watching the video..... so much love, beauty and gratitude. The video brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing Lori. It inspires me to find my own way of expressing my gratitude.

  • Linda Thomas

    Very lovely. Thoughtful, and inspiring. Thank you Lori.


    what a wonderful way to Thank those special people in your life. The art is so beautiful.

  • patrice

    you are such a bright and inspiring light, lori - thank you, beautiful one!!

  • Eileen Lindsay-Boll

    I am inspired by this lovely woman who follows her heart and opens to love. And her opening opens me too. We can all create, all add to the love. I can contemplate the power and beauty of gratitude and express is more myself.

  • Fran

    That gratitude grows. Loved it.

  • JB.Singh

    This is wounder full way to express gratitude. v.v. thanks to Lori for finding your inner light .

  • Laura

    The honesty, grace and love that people share when you open your heart and eyes to one another and appreciate them...so incredibly beautiful. Thank YOU Lori for finding your inner light and shining brightly!

  • Sheila

    Just from following her heart Lori demonstrates what gratitude can do for others, and for herself. My friend sent me this video and I am grateful!! Lori brings me back to what being an artist truly is in simple pure meaning. As an artist I am inspired...one step at a time...truly opening up possibilities. Thank you Lori.

  • Matt

    Great! A wonderful idea. I also encourage sharing art freely. http://trybyk.wordpress.com

  • Nancy

    Lori is so inspiring. What a wonderful idea and beautiful project! She has touched so many people's heart by expressing her gratitude in such a beautiful way! I am crying (with good tears.) Thank you and gratitude to you, Lori!

  • Christine

    I am just so moved by the thoughtfulness of this project and the idea that Lori thought of this project and stayed inspired. I am very inspired!

  • Christina

    This is so beautiful and inspiring, thank you!! One person truly can make a world of difference. Blessings to you :)

  • Cindy

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this idea. Just love beautiful colours ! So inspiring.

  • Linda

    Lori, such a warm generous project. You inspired me to look closer at my family, friends and those who I am in contact with daily. Beautiful!

  • Ginny Moore

    Much love, blessing and gratitude to you Lori...Watching your video was a beautiful to start Monday Morning. Thank you for sharing your story and journey with all of us. With Kindness, Ginny

  • Carmel

    Lori Such a wonderful idea and you surely expressed all that pure LOVE within you. You are indeed a beautiful person and for you i give gratitude. Carmel (ireland)

  • Sailesh

    Thank you Lori for this beautiful video and teaching me the wonderful art of saying Thank you. This has been an inspiration for me to try and say thank you to at least one person every day. I am trying to do this and enjoying it. Thank you.

  • Barbara

    Dear Lori, This video re-inspired me to continue my gratitude project. I realize it really does matter to others for me to reveal my gratitude to and for them. It brought tears to my eyes and new energy and determination to continue to write my daily gratitude notes. Thank you for your gift.

  • Mary

    The generosity of Lori's spirit demonstrating her appreciation with thought of nothing in return. It gives me hope that our world can become more kind and thoughful of each other and leaves me in tears as I know how much I have to give yet so often it is refused.

  • Ekaterina

    Lori you have beautiful heart and you make beautiful art!!! What an amazing story to see come true because of pure intention of a one person. Thank you!

  • Harpreet

    Dear Lori, I just watched the video on you on KarmaTube. What a great message and story. I am so moved by your story and journey… If you were in the San Francisco Bay Area, I would come over and huuuggggg you… I too have had a interesting story where I was set to leave the world, but seems like I decided to come back. Thank you being in this world.. We need lovely people like you to help the rest of us remember gratitude more. I also attempt to practice that all day long. Your art is just so beautiful. I wish I was more artistic. I do have visions, but feel like a klutz when trying to draw anything… :-) Anyways… Just love you and your expression of love and gratitude. What a great inspiration you are. What a beautiful Light you are bringing through your self…. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have blessed us all through your art. You humble admirer... Harpreet PS: I love that that you have openly put your email… I was all set to do some investigation to find it so I could say hello to you.

  • Lucille

    The look in Miss Portka's eyes - what happens when you take on such a life-affirming project!

  • Meryl

    Beautiful tears!

  • Julia

    Lori and her project are so inspiring! To see and feel the love and gratitude demonstrated both through her art and this video moves me beyond words and fills my heart with happiness...and gratefulness. To have Lori share in her own words...many of the same ideas and thoughts I have heard in my own head...it reminds me that we are all connected and that we journey together.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Gratitude makes all the difference. Here's to sharing that with those for whom we are grateful. What a wonderful way Lori has shared it. Love her vibrant work, love her gratitude. Thanking people who sometimes perhaps do not always receive it, like the mechanic and the people whom we may not meet in person yet who affect us so deeply. and finding gratitude in loss and acceptance of our lives. I also love how they did a show of them before giving them and how everyone was there together to share in all that loving energy. <3

  • Terrie

    I love that she thought of 100 people who inspire her! What an awesome project!! I LOVE it!!!

  • dalton

    Such an act of beauty, of love...watching this video definitely touched my vagus nerve...now I'm about to forward it to some of the people I love !! By no means am I an artist but, after watching this, I've been inspired to at least sit down and write about my gratitude for the people I know...THANK YOU !!

  • Karen

    Elegantly simple. Imagine being the recipient of a "thank you". Now, share that love with others. Start by using sticky notes! Hey, thank you Lori!

  • Marfina

    I was inspired by Lori's kindness and grateful spirit. Working through her art to show gratitude to those who have touched her is such a beautiful gesture. Seeing the recipients' reactions upon seeing their "gift", made me cry, too. Now, I'm asking myself what I can do to show gratitude to people who have touched me. Thank you, Lori, for being a inspiration.

  • Judy

    To want to show my gratitude more to others. I am not an artist, but there are other ways that I can show others how much I appreciate them.

  • Ulrike

    I'm so touched by the beautiful way Lori not only expressed but also gave her gratitude to the people around her. There's no reason to wait, - it's easy to start doing the same. I'm really inspired that this is something I can do! And I WILL do! Thank you, Lori, for your gift of inspiration!

  • Barbara

    Amazing to see how one gratitude opens the door to love and joy. I needed a jolt of positive energy today and this video made me cry and smile at the same time. Thank You!

  • Gamini

    The God has created a clever artistic lady. Wish you bright future

  • becky jaine

    i <3 lori and the joy she brings to the world. she has a delightful Etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/LoriPortka . Her heART makes me feel JOY! I wish her every blessing. <3

  • mariper

    i was touched by how people reacted on being appreciated, thank you for the lovely experience.

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys. What a gift for everyone, how the "gratitude thru art" created needed light in so many lives. Thanks for being a bold about love, and may we all be encouraged to love ourselves and others for the good parts...peace be with U

  • Susan

    Wonderful. Thank you!

  • Mindy

    So lovely is Lori's artful gratitude! Thank you for sharing with us.

  • June Simpson

    Her comment work my way thru grief...found gratitude..has healed and uplifted me as my sister and best friend passed away this week.. So focusing on gratitude for my sister like her video suggested has lifted my spirit helped me heal and made me appreciate friendships. Thank you. Heavenly colours of the paintings is illuminating..

  • Nancy

    It is about a small step, everyday, towards a big dream...

  • Carolyn

    Beautiful idea executed inspirationally. Great story.

  • cmarti

    the simple, humble nature of saying thank you. It was mutual giving, by recognizing that others have done good things for which she was grateful, she gave back to them. Touching and inspiring.

  • miller

    "100 Thank You's"

  • Harsh Shah

    Touching, Beautiful Paintings, Super Stories, Great way to Express Gratitude, "Gratitude the Way of Life" Love and Light Harsh Shah LoveInfinite.life

  • Harikrishna

    Spirit of Gratitude and conveying the whole hearted thanks to 100 people through paintings touched me.

  • Deepak

    Awesome .Thank you . There are beautiful people in the world out there and Lori is right up there . A divine soul with a pure heart . God Bless her .

  • umang agarwal

    So Divine and Pure soul,you inspire me.I don't know when but will meet you. Thank you Thank You Thank You.

  • Dave

    That there is still good people in this world, just open your eyes.

  • Theo

    What a fantastic woman! She put the biggest smile on my face this morning.

  • Rita

    It's moving and touching that she was able to share her gift with so many diverse people. She gave from a genuine heart of gratitude, and I'm sure she was the ultimate beneficiary.

  • Joie

    The cheerful colorful images

  • Dawn Kimble

    It touches my heart to witness the heart in Lori's commitment and dedication. What a beautiful thing! I love how she kept showing up and the creativity kept flowing. Gratitude is really the keystone practice for a wonderful life.

  • dia

    Such raw beauty. Tears abound! I want to jump off my chair and create something and give something. This will be playing in my head for a long time to come. Im off to find my 100 thank yous :) Thank you Lori!! (AND amazing film Hailey).

  • david

    What a very moving piece of work. Selfless. Namaste.

  • Mish

    Such a beautiful view...tears through entire video for me...open-hearted gratitude shared there , sending out countless ripples of loving kindness. I know the power of an "attitude of gratitude" & was so deeply touched by this lovely woman & what she did. She gave & in return received as well.

  • Stephanie

    This beautiful video about Lori Portka's project has inspired me to not only more fully show my gratitude, but also has given a focus for my own painting. Just lovely! Thank you!

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  • Take a closer look at Lori Portka's thank you gifts and learn how each of the people, some of whom she has not met in person, has filled her with gratitude.
  • One of Lori paintings is for Amy Gill. Watch Amy's story of gratitude during a time of heartbreak in her life.
  • Is there someone that has made you feel grateful for something today? Think of your own special way to say "thank you" and do it soon.

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