Maya Angelou eloquently describes how her mother taught her through her actions that love liberates, it does not bind. When she had a child at age 17 and moved out of her mother's home, her mother advised her to always be true to herself and made it abundantly clear that she was always welcome home. By allowing her to go, and to come back whenever she needed to, her mother's love liberated her to live her own life. Her mother's recognition that she, Maya, was special and had something extraordinary to offer to the world, helped her to live her gifts. When her mother was dying Maya remembered how she had liberated her and was able to love her mother by letting her go. Her life is a powerful example of how love liberates.


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  • Donna

    She was lucky to have a mother who was like that...not all of us do...but there are other women in our lives...who come into all ages...and like a mother...they love and liberate sisters..they stay thru the worst of things...and like angels...they hold us up and teach us how to fly. I loved this video....and Maya Angelou....thank you for sharing this again. I miss her wonderful words.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    How wonderful to have a mother who nurtures you in this way. How wonderful to be liberated with love and to live a life of such service. I've had the opposite experience, though I am so grateful to all the women who raised me up and saw the gifts in me my mother could mot see or nurture. <3

  • Leslie Gernon

    I was tearful listening to Maya ... her voice, her soul, and the amazing way she lived her life. To know that she was given freedom to live her life, then came full circle to give freedom to her mother to leave life is a circle that I hope I/we can live as well.

  • marcela

    what a Woman!Her honesty, truth, and transparency is inspiring.

  • yvonnr

    This lady speaks truth so beautifully...and I have been blessed to hear her truth.

  • Cindy

    If only all mothers were so loving. Beautifully told.

  • Olive Peterson

    My mom was a women that believed in being your true self. I did not become the nurse, cardiologist, but; I became me alive and full of joy to express me.

  • Kay

    Love liberates, it does not bind. I love listening to Maya and reading her books. What a gracious soul!

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