A film by The Liberators. Music: Eyes Wide Open by Tony Anderson

Life can feel like a whirlwind of activity moving at a rapid and sometimes overwhelming pace. A simple social experiment, conducted in a public space, challenges this characteristic of our modern world by asking that people stop to share one minute of eye contact with a stranger. It had a profound effect on the people who participated and also on those who observed. In capturing those reactions, this film will continue to resonate throughout the global community. "We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep." ~ William James.


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  • Los

    What inspired me was the willingness of people to step out of their comfort zones and look into a strangers eyes, without some kind of preconceived reward promised. 💙

  • manuel

    The sincere and intentional act of reaching out to others is truly inspirational. We ought to look beyond the exterior and into the heart of others to bring out the best.

  • Linda E Pettit

    Connecting and communicating are fundamentals of my life experience!!

  • Kristy

    Stopping to see, truly and deeply see another human being in the midst of the modern world. What a beautiful gift

  • Barbara Sickles

    The beautiful connection people had just by being still and looking into each others' eyes. So beautiful! Reminds me of hugging meditation!

  • Janet

    That literally brought both tears to my eyes and a smile to my face and warmed my heart. The quote at the end of the video said it perfectly - "..we are connected in the deep." Notice how almost everyone felt compelled to hug at the end - they made a connection.

  • Kristeen O'neil

    Great reminderno matter how big or small the connection we have to one to another truely beautiful

  • Lorenzo

    How as a society we crave for the human connection regardless of our situation!

  • Shari

    We pass so many people on a daily basis, yet how many do we actually take the time to greet, to acknowledge? Such a simple act, looking someone in the eyes and acknowledging them. It is the ultimate act of Ubuntu, allowing another person to know that "I am, because you are."

  • Lillyan Mutua

    we do not need words,objects or equipment to communicate. There is power in non verbal communication,through the eyes you can converse to the heart and mind. "when you smile to the world the world will smile back" !

  • Jean Roche

    Long ago I had my students do this exercise and others like it. If only we could gaze lovingly onto the eyes of one another, even an Isis suicide bomber, our world would be transformed and we will have taken " the longest stride of soul that folks have ever taken." ( Christopher Fry) See also the video It's in everyone of us to be wise"Thanks to you for reminding me that we are all one.Jean

  • cathy

    I loved the video clip- and I agree one look, one nod, one touch can change a person and change the world. So YES - we should be the change and make a difference NOW :-)

  • Marla

    Wow this brought tears of joy to my eyes

  • Kathy

    What I kept thinking about was how many people there are that live day after day without someone looking them in the eye. Our eyes are the window to our soul. Perhaps if we looked into the eyes of people, we would see their soul instead of just another person that we feel no connection to. Imagine how powerful that would be....it would change everything. Thank you so, so much for this video. Heartbreaking and powerful.

  • becky jaine

    Dear Tony, (2nd poster) if you email me becky@joyfuel.org, I'd love to skype with you and look into your eyes. I will not judge you. And we can talk and maybe laugh too. <3 Becky Jaine

  • Naomi

    That was quite powerful and I couldn't help but feeling love. I'd like to do that, our world needs it. It doesn't cost money but can mean so much.

  • Tony

    To Mona and everyone here - including myself especially - I wish so very much for someone to look me in the eyes without judgement. I need this so much as life feels so busy and alone even with those I spend time with but often doing busy thing with but not really knowing and being known by. Thanks for this video and sharing your thoughts and feelings.

  • Glorey Cree

    Feeling alone this evening, I cried to see how beautiful it is to share contact. Thank you for showing a film with much impact. I smile often at people and hope that will open up a few moments of happiness.

  • Janet

    No man or woman is an island. We all need daily social interaction to be happy and healthy.

  • KA

    I am the head of a large agency civil rights office in the federal government. I see egregious things that cost millions of dollars and millions of hours of human anguish, that we could prevent if we spent 60 seconds connecting like this. You have no idea how powerful this video is.

  • Kathee

    It is with the eyes one can see and share openly, deeply and joyfully what is in our hearts.

  • Chris

    Noticing how in only a few seconds you can see conectedness. BEAUTIFUL

  • Shawn

    Looking at the different expressions including the tears, it seem we need more of this kind od contact. Thank you.

  • Deepak

    Thank you , this video is awesome . I felt very alone while watching this video and towards the end become emotional . I first did this exercise in 1998 in a transformation class and it transformed my life . Bless you .

  • Desdra Dawning

    What I loved the most was the hugging that came forth from the eye contact. Eye to eye. Smile to smile. Heart to heart. So sweet!

  • Ron

    How cool! We should all try this!

  • Victoria

    The most beautiful thing to me is the stillness and the silence is what made the connection deep and authentic and profoundly touching from and to the heart.

  • Surya Prasad

    How can I download this video? I want to share with my friends and family. Thank you

  • Deborah

    The courage to step up by participants

  • Lin

    How have we lost so much? If one minute of eye contact with another human being can inspire so much emotion, how very alone we must all feel. This was inspiring.

  • Sundi

    Hungry for this. I can't stop crying.

  • nona

    All of it. They all looked happy and open with each other

  • Mona Wolfert

    Absolutely inspired by this video. Everybody is rushing around these days, often plugged into a cell phone, game or other electronic thing with their heads down. Oblivious to others around them, life speeds by. I noticed with this experiment that it actually sometimes ended with a hug and sometimes some tears. The people also I noticed began to mix (men & women, races, ages). I would so like to set up something like this in my community (the wheels are turning...lol). By the way, I actually cried when I watched this because I just thought it was so beautiful and I wish someone would look me in the eyes....with no judgement. Namaste.

  • Elizabeth Jones

    I think it is wonderful that we take time out of our busy day to stop and to connect with one other person. To reflect on where we are heading as humans. We live as if we are alone on this beautiful planet and we hardly ever consider our interconnectedness.

  • nimo

    Love it. A great activity to do with groups or circles when we need a little shedding of our judgements and offering of love and prayer for others.

  • Linda Denton

    How afraid we are for genuine and up close human connection. Very touching.

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  • Follow the work of The Liberators International on their website and Facebook page.
  • Check out this article, 'Social Connection Makes a Better Brain', which takes a scientific perspective on the importance of our relationships.
  • Did this film resonate with you? Be the Change and invite people at your local shopping area to share in one minute of human connection with you.

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