Lisa Dazols and Jenni Chang are like any other couple. Lisa has her license in clinical social work, while Jenni works as a business manager for an online marketplace. They have their ups and downs, but being an LGBT couple means that sometimes their struggles are based more on how the outside world sees them – two women in love – rather than the standard day-to-day struggles all couples face. However, what makes them unique also led them to a journey around the world to meet and document extraordinary lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals on the forefront of the gender identity movement. In this Ted talk, Lisa and Jenni discuss the amazing things happening around the world for gender and sexuality equality.


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  • You can learn more about Jenni and Lisa, watch their global documentary, and learn about amazing LBGT people around the world at their website.
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  • Now that you're excited to help, here are some tips on how to be an ally to the LGBT community from UC Davis.

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