The images of a roaring turf fire warm us as we watch this video of a way of life that is swiftly fading. Headed out on his motorbike with a spade and a pitch fork, a man joins others who share with him the difficult but companionable work of cutting turf to heat their homes. Set in County Kerry, in southwestern Ireland, this poignant film documents the vanishing traditional way of cutting turf from the bog, which is quickly being replaced by machines. The men share tea and sandwiches and the camaraderie that comes from joining together in a difficult task, secure in the knowledge that their homes and their families will be warm in the coming winter months. They are aware that the days of the bog and their time in it are numbered, which gives a heightened importance to their work as they are determined to enjoy every minute of it.


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  • Lucia Ruane

    Working for the company of friends and tradition, never thought of the struggles of a poor donkey if he got stuck!

  • kss

    joining togethere, we can achieve something

  • Marsha Nelson,PhD

    This story reminds me of my family roots. I felt sad to think that my people were these people and farming was a community affair. Beautifully told story.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Beautiful coming together in community. Here's to community and relationship and tradition <3

  • annie

    How often is a sense of community lost in the name of progress? Before text messages, people called and chatted more often; before cell phones, people in coffee shops actually talked to each other; communication has indeed become more convenient but it's so much less personal! Doesn't the greatest joy in life come from interpersonal relationships?

  • trish

    This video promotes awareness of the cost/benefit of innovation and technology. I love how he finds humor and accepts what is, yet still provokes a sense of skeptical curiosity. I think of my Dad and how he taught me the value of simplicity. Slainte! and here's to the craic!

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  • What can you do today to add more simplicity and camaraderie to your life? Could it be sharing a meal or a walk with a co-worker? Give it a try.

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