This beautiful animated short film, inspired by a myth from the Bolivian lowlands, was created by a group of Bolivian animators in collaboration with The Animation Workshop of Denmark. When Abuela Grillo (Grandmother Cricket) sings, it rains, and in a country marked by water shortages, the film is a response to the privatization of Bolivia’s water resources by foreign corporations. The Cochabamba water wars of 2000 was a series of massive protests by the indigenous community to retain access to their water supply, which eventually pressured the government to revoke the international contract. Voiced by Bolivian singer Luzmila Carpio, traditional Quechua singing weaves indigenous melody throughout the film, further illuminating the cultural roots of this fight for the universal right to pure water.


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  • Lucia

    Seria interessante se fosse traduzido em Português.

  • Lucia

    Excelente este Curta metragem de animação.

  • Lucia

    Aqui em Pernambuco devemos preservar nossos recursos hidricos,pois a nossa agua em reserva é escassa ,enquanto a demanda imensa,vamos fazer o reúso desse bem tão precioso (água).

  • Vicky

    Our ancestors hold the wisdom needed for Earth Mother to blossom. We human need to learn their ways of Respect! Aho, Mitakuye oysin!

  • Dori Wetzlich

    If all of the bottled water in the world were emptied and returned to nature, imagine the beautiful possibilities of natural solutions to the water crisis worldwide 💧 what a wonderful piece of artwork! I will definately share this!

  • Jennifer Tunnicliffe

    Simply it's beauty .....powerful, moving, thought provoking

  • Joyce Z. Meyers

    This was a stunning depiction of the power of love over the power of greed.

  • Mary Mayshark-Stavely

    So powerful and important. Bon courage and best wishes, thank you!

  • Ginny Abblett

    Thank you for this ! Wonderful !

  • Terry

    I’d like to see the lyrics of this song written out. I’d like to sing it.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Incredibly powerful, haunting reminder of the damage done by corporate greed to indigenous cultures,to the land, to animals to the entire ecosystem. Thank you for putting into animation so perhaps more people can hear the message.

  • Annaheita Wilson

    The wars of today are over water the first medicine!

  • Susie

    Very powerful we need to have better politics who will defend the resources of Latin America.Any of these corporations settled down with money paid in bribes!

  • Kay

    We take the precious gift of water for granted and then there are “dark people and corporations”, etc that try to exploit it. Like the villagers we need to rise up with a new thinking- a new song to revitalize and make the gift of water available for all.

  • Nancy Larsen

    I am trying to get to the place that I stop blaming corporate greed (which doesn't seem to help) and run less water to wash my own dishes. Maybe I need to sing at the same time.

  • Meredith

    Very good interpretation of what happens when bad forces take over.

  • Colleen H.

    For me, the turnaround of taking for granted what is given us freely by the Earth... water, soil, sky, fresh air.... but when it’s taken from us by greedy “black coats”, the need to fight for what is everyone’s basic human right is a universal story in this age of corporate greed. Nicely done.

  • Carol Mercer

    Powerful and beautiful with the SACRED uplifted.

  • Jasvinder Kaur

    A heart rendering and thought provoking message on importance of water supply for all,by way of interesting animation to capture the attention.A lot of us take water for granted. Thank you .

  • Joan Breit

    Its simplicity and beauty with message to be grateful for the many faces of water wherever we live.

  • Cindy Barstow

    Only 3% of the water on this planet is drinkable. I love the cultural connections. Thank-you!

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  • Following Grandmother Cricket's song, read three stories that will change the way you perceive water. 
  • Learn about fog harvesting as a means of emulating nature's way of maximizing water resources. 
  • The next time you drink a glass of cold water or take a hot shower give thanks for your ability to do so and think about what you can do today to conserve this precious resource. 

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