"Are we losing our humanity? Is humankind becoming humankinda?" In this humorous and insightful video, actor and comedian Sam Richardson explores why we're always in motion, plugged in, and overworked. Through simple breathing practices, and giving ourselves permission to slow down, even to do nothing at all, we can get in touch with what it means to be human. Click play to learn more about the power and freedom that comes from simply being.


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  • Mom

    Interesting! Check it out when you have time.

  • Tracey Kenard

    What an amazing vid!!! Sam Richardson is so hilarious. I, too, (like "Linda Eberhart") am proud to say that I am on the right life path, route and or course. It took me to finally have a small mini nervous breakdown and anxiety meds to realize that I was a busy hot mess. One day I just melted down & couldn't stop sobbing. Now (five years later) I do things on my time on my terms. Anything that I don't want to do, I say no to. I take long naps (on my days off), I sit @ my creative desk and make art, I'm teaching myself to play guitar (EXTREMELY CATHARTIC), I read (a LOT), I'm a photographer so photo walks are always in order. I've limited my online time to only things I enjoy reading/watching (like this video) and the super catch is: I DON'T HAVE A SMARTPHONE! I'm still "rock/chiseling it with a TracFone. I only need it for emergencies and regular phone calls, but trust me - NOBODY checks a Tracfone more than once a day! Lol. And I feel really good :-)

  • Linda Eberhart

    I absolutely loved the production. I am nearing retirement (4 yrs) and currently work in the world of young technologically savvy adults. They talk fast, type fast, walk fast and eat fast. They have very poor social skills because everything is done in excelled motion. It is driving me crazy. The video helped me gain some understanding into why these young people feel the need to perform @ maximum speed and why a relationship with their cell phones and a tablet is more important to them than the human element. I take a yoga class and meditate throughout the day by taking deep breaths and releasing. When I get in my car, I often take a deep breath and scream to release before I deal with the people who drive too fast. I watch tv, I take naps and I love nature walks. Thank you Sam Richardson for confirming that I am on the right life path, route and/or course. --Mrs. E

  • Diane Lange

    Sam Richardson oozes disarming charm, humor, plus serves up helpful examples of ways to restore a better balance.

  • Lou Hammond

    The video was awesome. I used to be way too busy, but I started learning to say no, and I took a boundaries course to help with that. Now I have time and a pace I can handle, but most of my friends are way too busy. I will pass on this video. Thank you.

  • Jerry Braza

    I was Inspired by the reality of his personal research and how it reflects our society today! As a former professor and now mindfulness consultant, I was struck by the need we all have to stop, calm and breathe! By quieting our mind and body we reconnect with our source. We discover our true selves which found in relationship with others and all.

  • Mary Blue

    The answer to many of our problems lies WITHIN "US"!

  • Laura

    "My favorite thing was doing nothing" We tend to feel guilty, especially in the Northeast with our culture based in the ideology that "idle hands are the Devil's workshop", when we do nothing. Yet study after study seems to show that humans need "do nothing" time. Even the idea that Jennifer spent the train ride into work just focusing on her breathing seems frivolous at first - we see train rides as opportunities to get a jump on email or learn a language or any number of work related or self-improvement activities. Sam gave a fun look at our business, but a serious reminder to stop and smell the roses.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    As a recovering over-achiever, Totally relate, especially here in DC where Busy is worn like a badge of honor. I've worked hard to create more balance and I still can get caught up in it at times. Loved the humor and the grains of truth too!

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