Imagine entering a busy train station and seeing a giant red box wrapped up with a gold bow like a garage-sized present. That’s what British commuters saw one day in December 2015. The booth, resembling a surprise ATM, showed up in Grand Central station in Birmingham, which is the second largest urban area in England. A sign on top said “Free presents” while a phone on the side was labeled “Jingle Bell.” When the phone was answered, a voice asked “Would you like a present?” Who doesn’t want a present? However, would be beneficiaries are then told the gift isn’t for them. “Presents are for giving, not for receiving. Wouldn’t you agree?”


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  • Ariel

    Great idea, but can only be done in northern emisphere countries (but France). In France the population is so much ...ahem ... multiethnic (non white) that the present would be kept by the first recipient.

  • Christine

    Let's do that - all over the world -- bring a smile and happiness to a stranger's face!

  • Javed Masih

    good idea to celebrate Christmas among the world.

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. Love, love, love..peace on Earth...

  • Sharon

    What a creative wonderful idea!

  • Quay

    It’s a lovely way to connect with strangers... In a kind way... sweet !!!!s

  • Jyoti

    Joy of giving seems much more than receiving! World is still a good place, lots of loving people.

  • Gail

    The connection between the giver and the receiver....such joy! so spontaneous... unexpected.

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  • Why wait until Christmas?  Find ways to give to others every day.
  • Follow Christmas 24 on Facebook. Perhaps enough new followers will encourage them to perform another Christmas Gift Experiment.
  • It is better to give than to receive, and it doesn't have to cost much. Next time you see a house someone worked hard to decorate, send a note thanking them for bringing beauty into the world.

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