Borders between countries are meant to control human migration. Unfortunately not much thought is given to all the other species who make this area their home. The Borderlands between the United States and Mexico have one of the highest biodiversity levels in America, including many species facing extinction. These are creatures normally protected by the Endangered Species Act. Few realize that this law and many others including the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act were waived when creating the border wall. Laws meant to protect us from ourselves were set aside when we decided we needed protection from our human neighbors with little to no regard for the other beings that share our world. These animals migrate, not for work, but to find food, shelter, and mates with the passing of the seasons. Man made structures prevent this travel, disrupting life cycles, and causing a ripple of effects whose outcomes are uncertain. In this video, conservation photo journalist Krista Schlyer and biologist Jon Beckmann, show us the beauty of this area and the dramatic impact human interference can have.


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  • Wildlife crossings are structures that allow animals to cross human-made barriers safely. This Wikipedia entry shares more.
  • Learn how you can help protect endangered species for generations to come.

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