"The day that Haachi met Owen was utterly incredible. It was electric. It was spiritual... they immediately understood they were going to work together as a team." ~ Colleen Drummond, Owen's stepmother. Owen is a 7-year old boy with a rare syndrome that leaves his muscles in a constant state of tension. Haatchi is an Anatolian Shepherd that was left to die on the railroad tracks, but managed to escape with a severed leg and tail. The shy little boy and the giant three-legged dog have been best friends since the day they met. "Everything changed in my life with him," says Owen of Haatchi. Drummond adds: "Owen and Haatchi simplify everything with pure love."


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  • Nicholas stello

    Owen - you are Superman - you are my hero! You make me so envious of you’re drive and determination! Keep up the amazing work young man!!

  • Kemal

    Hi! I saw your video and thought about u owen. Im working with a company That makes the molli-suit Which makes your muscles relax. Have u tried IT? Br kemal

  • filipa santos

    Owen i saw your video and thought that you should be happy.ADORABLE

  • blake

    What a truly great story. Owen, you are my hero buddy. God bless you

  • Florineo Jerez

    The "connection" between Owen and Haatchi tells us that life can only have meaning and value if we realize and manifest the "interconnectedness" of all the creation in this universe. Being in isolation lessens our value, being one with all gives the highest value to our existence. Despite of their circumstances, looking into the eyes of Owen and Haatchi, we see LOVE INFINITY.

  • Alison

    I have 4 rescued dogs and a bumper sticker that reads "who rescued who?" This story tells it all.

  • Dorothy Fox

    My class and I are inspired by this video in many ways. We can't stop watching it! We are about to read Haatchi and Little B together! We cannot wait!! Owen is so young and so smart! He is brave and loving! Haatchi is lucky to have Owen and Owen is lucky to have Haatchi!

  • Mary Jo

    I loved watching it but because I am deaf don't know the whole story. I would love to be able to read it. Is there a transcript of the script available by any chance? Thanks!

  • Robin

    I was inspired by how Haatchi took Colleen's breath away. She instantly understood the power of this bond. Wow! Thanks for sharing all the love and life in this family.

  • priyanthi

    The boy and the dog

  • Sandra

    We are all ONE. so for those who dont believe that animals have soul, take another look into their eyes! just love this video, so heart opening!

  • Tamara

    This is a beautiful story about Owen and Haatchi and their special friendship!! I am also inspired and touched by his amazing parents! I want to hug them all!! Definitely cried but they were happy tears! Dogs are children's real life super heros!

  • Cas

    Well lots of tears but another wonderful reminder of how much animals can bring to our lives.

  • LisaK

    What a blessed pair! There is nothing like the love of a dog and the fact that these two need/love each other so much is touching! God bless you Owen & Haatchi!

  • Rituraj Burman

    Love is only love, doesnt means it has to from Mom, Dad, Frnds, Beloved or Spouses it can be from your Pet and its unworthy to say pet. This video made me cry.

  • Vicky

    This made me cry..such a beautiful friendship.

  • Marie

    How wonderful the boys parents are and how strong and caring owen is. Wonderful he has a friend for life

  • Cheri

    No matter how bad things look in the world, there is always something wonderful going on.

  • Gina Iovine

    Incredible Love. ....... Thank you for shareing this !!!!

  • Sallie

    You will need kleenex for this

  • Marianna Cacciatore

    Every single second of this film was moving. This is a "box-of-tissue film." Great job delivering this to us, Karma Tube!!!

  • Pritesh

    Love transcends all boundaries. In words of Owen, this is indeed an 'amazing' match. Finally, Owen sounds extremely clear and comforting to listen. Thank you for sharing!

  • Sara

    Owen could not ask for a more loyal or loving companion friend. Haatchi was obviously sent to be with Owen- a beautiful bond-this the love in this video between Owen and Haatchi reminds me of the love Tara the elephant and Bella the little dog had for each other.. thank you for sharing.

  • Sally

    what a beautifully heart-warming story. Owen has a gorgeous voice! I think he could do voice-over works for animations and maybe advertising.

  • Frank

    Beautiful story. Love the boy's aliveness. I was sad, though, that others at the "friends for life contest" lost, as if it were a competition.

  • Linda

    Owen and Haatchi -- thank you for sharing your story and special bond of love.

  • Bob

    Another perfect example of the true meaning of "Unconditional Love" that sets the standard of merging mankind with the animal kingdom. I send love and light to Owen, Haatchi and his proud and loving parents--you make my heart sing!!!

  • Sandra

    God bless them both.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Beautiful how LOVE finds Love. Thank you for sharing.

  • Carolyn

    We that have been blessed with so much tend to take so much for granted. No one is meant to be alone or an out cast in this world and our maker has provided the help/aid that we need. s

  • Ashish

    Full of compassion and love...amazing bond between two souls

  • Deven

    When heart connects, you look for good side naturally. And that "space of comfort" is so nurturing. Love knows no barrier of language or any other external conditions.

  • Mary

    There is someone for everyone.

  • meetakshi

    Beautiful. Perfect companionship. One for another. unconditional. free from all judgement. Free from all need to impress. Love the way it should be. Free in every way, yet an attitude of servitude. thanks for sharing guys <3

  • brett

    I think I'll start a religion where the dogs are diving beings sent to hold the world together by example and pure, unconditioned love.

  • Dee DiGioia

    This is just so uplifting - how precious for both Owen and Haatchi to have this special bond- I'm so happy Owen could find his confidence with the help of Haatchi. Tears of joy!!! Both are so beautiful tied together with a strand of love!

  • ruta

    Very touching! What a wonderful bond of love ! If I can do for someone even a tiny bit what the dog could do to Owen, that would be the best achievement of my life !! God bless you two..!

  • Dianne

    This touched my heart. Owen has an angel on earth, Haatchi. Haatchi survived for a reason.Each of them is a gift to each other.

  • Jenny

    Owen and Haatchi - thank you for sharing your story and your love. I hope your love for each other can inspire the world. You surely have inspired me and brought joy to my heart. Bless you and your family.

  • Carole

    I wonder if he has tried marijuana oil, I have read it has help. Thank you for this beautiful story of love.

  • Steve

    We are all made in His image...the beauty is in the Inner Self...I am off course referring to Haatchie...Haatchie is honoured to have you for a friend,Owen...May God bless you both...AUM

  • Molly Menes

    A story given with much sensitivity, and alot of good can come for the child, his dog, and family.

  • Christine Seggiani

    Thanks for sharing this video with us. IF ONLY it could teach more people in this world to LOVE EACH OTHER, and their ANIMALS.

  • shail

    Love this video. It's just shows that love is the most important thing. So wonderful to see two beautiful souls coming together and sharing a life.

  • Mindy

    Beautiful story of transformation through Love. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • CL

    This is a lovely well balanced story. Thank you. L

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