On the 147th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's birth, Service Space founder Nipun Mehta gave a talk at Emory University that weaves stories from Gandhi's life into an illuminating take on how to live the ideal of 'change yourself, change the world' in modern times. His talk explores how our highly interconnected and technologically advanced age has the potential to make the power of love exponentially more accessible. He gives powerful examples of how the internet ignites connections, and allows us to organize online communities that in turn can reach out and transform the world in tangible ways. This fascinating talk will both inform and inspire you. Watch and learn more about how you can use your own voice and presence to be a ripple of love in the world.


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  • Ritika

    Listening to Nipun always put your soul at ease and fills you with Hope...everytime I get to know something more inspiring about Gandhi ji and Vinoba ji and the many selfless people who are creating such great social change...specially right now when Palestine and Israel are fighting for the land and how the innocent people are suffering compared to how Vinoba ji made people donate land equivalent to a nation just by connecting hearts. There are endless possibilities of such things if we all can connect with our hearts and others too.

  • Marliese

    Unfortunately I could not watch it

  • Christine

    The journey begins within. Thank you for this reminder! All these examples of Gandhi's life and the connection to the effect of inner change to the outside world are the seeds of hope. that it is not too late to instill the necessary change to a world falling apart. The power of love will be the answer. We are all connected. This talk was a fundamental inspiration. Thank you, Nipun!

  • Tizz

    Thank you for this talk, dear Nipun. I never saw this one before. This 2N - N - 1 possibility of love exchanges leaves me breathless with wonder and hope. I always wanted to serve, small acts, great love -- but now I believe with all my heart that we all can change the world, one day at a time, one act of service at a time. ♥

  • Neil

    Bro thank you for this incredible heart-opening articulation of Gandhi's legacy. There is no power in the universe like the power of love. Let us all be continuously aware of our inherent capacity to tap into it. Happy Birthday Bapu!

  • Elle Travis

    The power of love in the world and his analogy to the oak tree being able to withstand the hurricane when everything is destroyed. Because the oak is connected to other oak trees they stand strong. Our hope is to be the oak tree in our community so when systems fail we will be able to thrive with love, compassion, and kindness living heart-to-heart.

  • Niyati Desai

    Such a selfless life Gandhiji lived!!! A story about losing a shoe and giving another one so that at least receiver can be benefited!!! How we can incorporate message from his life into current world...

  • Sandip sheta

    Gandhi = H2H All work done with heart to heart talk.... Down to earth.... All work start & end with ground level....

  • Liz Mitten Ryan

    How about our spiritual wealth which is all we can take with us...how many spiritually wealthy people do we have in the world and what is that worth. Nipun you are love embodied! Thank you!

  • Margaret Bell

    This moved me to become peaceful in the face of this tremendous global change. I will always have this love that can create change I so long for.....

  • Purvi

    Very meaningful . I feel blessed to here you. Thank you very much!

  • Sunil

    i was not aware that it was a monday when he kept mum ... that he wrote that line .. my life is my message. I was not aware of the "change yourself change the world" has a more longer version.

  • Satish kanabar

    The talk was full of love and based on the actual work Nipun and his team are doing to influence the world for the better. Truly inspiring. Thank you

  • Lissa

    Simplicity, humility, shedding the false and shining with truth. May we feed each other, heal each other.

  • Dee

    I am inspired knowing that knowledge of self was Gandhi's driving force. I pray for humankind in this regard, that we may live in peace on this Earth, and I see it happening. Many are being called. This is inspiring too.

  • Heather

    I have sent this on to other people and will listen again. You just have to look at this blessed man to see how much love is just streaming from his whole essence. Thank you for blessing day with this talk.

  • Irene

    With all that is going on in our world today, this is exactly what I needed. I feel blessed and inspired, thank you!

  • Patricia Hauslein

    I have been so angry about what President Trump has been doing. But the and was making me actually feel ill. Yet, I did not feel like I could be silent on the wrongs I see happening. But know I know what to do. I choose to BE Love and see what happens.

  • Denise Bacon

    This talk was like a balm to soothe the soul, especially in the context of the Trump presidency and the resulting upheaval in the world. It was enabling at the individual core level. Thank you.

  • Kim Gideon

    Thank you for posting this video today. Amid the turmoil of our current political environment, Mr. Mehta's comments on Gandhi's life and the importance of acting in the service of love have inspired me to focus on heart to heart connections with others.

  • George Kao

    Nipun's talks always inspire. Looking fwd to it. Is there an audio download available, or alternatively is it available (or can it be uploaded) on YouTube as well? I use YouTube Red to listen to talks.

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  • Watch Nipun's talk 'Magical & Miserable: An Antidote for Paradoxical Times', a talk just as relevant today as it was when it was first delivered in 2013 to the graduating class of Harker School.
  • Learn more about Gandhi's life and ethos in his candid autobiography My Experiments with Truth.
  • Create your own ripple of love! Utilize the internet today to spark or deepen a meaningful connection. Email a loved one, join an online community, offer support for an organization or individual in need.

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