In a world where everything has a price and everything is for sale, what happens to the priceless? And what would happen were we to bring those things that are truly valuable back into circulation? Pavi Mehta answers those questions as eloquently as she poses them in this stirring explication of "Giftivism," the practice of radically generous acts that transform the world. She demonstrates that the shift from consumption to contribution, from isolation to community is not only possible, it is a driving force in human nature. As Ms. Mehta correctly observes, "What we will do for love will always be far more powerful than what we will do for money."


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  • Nicole Luna

    It is not a vídeo, but a couple of life lessons!

  • John K

    The video inspired me because the presenter is very clear, honest and straight forward. The concept of Giftivism been able to think bigger and better is really the transformation that we the human family need. Imagine a world where we shared everything and contributed to the best of our abilities.

  • Shehu

    This is the most exhilarated video ever!

  • Mohan NIshtala

    What inspired you about this video? giving without expectations !!!!

  • Mohan NIshtala

    since last December when we first saw this video on youtube we have printed 1000 SMILE CARDS and have been giving . Who knows what ripples are being created ? Where this ripples will die down> Perhaps never. Each act will give rise to another new set of ripples. GIFTIVISM has no end only a beginning. It begins with me,you & us.

  • LSS-Mahadevi

    Her humble, unassuming presence. The idea that people are more important than anything else in the world. The old "new" values to live by. The feeling of freedom and fulfillment in considering such a way of life. To know that there is such state and such attitude - Universal Love put into practice. And that's how humanity will be back to the Golden Age.

  • Jill Currey

    Shifting the mindset, to think of the other rather than self

  • Janvika

    What inspired you about this video? Transformation that is integral!!

  • Ronnie

    The stark frankness and to the soul lead.

  • Rehema

    Love and kindness explained in simple touched so so touched.

  • Farzana

    Wow!! I loved the simplicity of the presenter as well as the entire concept; yet so powerful, it blew my mind!! Amazing stories and amazing concept... keep up the great work. I am working for underprivileged kids now after working in various orgz / MNCs and I personally find this more fulfilling than any of my earlier jobs. Thanks for inspiring people....



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  • Ms. Mehta takes many of the examples in her talk from ServiceSpace, the organization that runs KarmaTube. Learn more about the way ServiceSpace is promoting radical generosity.
  • Giftivism subverts the foundational idea of market economics: that people tend to act selfishly. Is that a self-fulfilling idea? Consider how we might design for generosity in a world built for greed.
  • All day long, everywhere you go today, keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to do small things that are kind or helpful or joy-producing to the people whose lives intersect with yours. And do them!

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