In the wake of the US election, filmmakers Jessie Auritt and Alexandra Berger wanted to do something to try and combat the negativity, xenophobia, racism and sexism that surfaced. So they turned their camera on a demographic that hadn't been quite so jaded by the media and current events in the hopes that we might all learn from them and try to be kind and accepting toward other people, despite our differences. In the resulting short video, kids discuss kindness: what it is, why it's important, the consequences of being unkind, and why kindness is vital for our future. Their insights are profound and resonate against a world backdrop of strife and alienation. In the words of one wise child in this video: "If you be nice it gives you a magical life."


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  • lola

    I like your video

  • Townley

    "Nice gives you a magical life." My new favorite saying!

  • Monic

    Made me cry. Such honesty from the kids. Reminds me how little it takes to be kind and yet, kindness is too scarce today.

  • Kitty

    How precious. Thank you! May we all learn from the children.

  • Ruth

    Thank you for your spirit of HOPE!

  • Heather

    well, I can say all the negativity surely has brought more awareness to the light.✨🌟💫👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Kathy

    Thank you so much. So beautiful. Out of the mouth of babe's comes peace.

  • Barbara Munster

    The message came from the heart of each of these youngsters.

  • Guy

    Luisterden maar wat meer volwassenen naar kinderen: zij spreken de waarheid !!!


    This is so very important especially in this day and age. Children are so wise and can lead us in ways we all should think and live. Children are so honest and sometimes we don't like what they say but, these children are giving us insight in Life . God Bless each One of them.

  • steve zimmett

    These kids are great. The Dali Lama has it right.

  • Drishti

    Wow kids always teach us something and they have such simple detonations and reasons to be kind everyday .

  • Marisa

    Absolutely beautiful! These kids are amazing at spreading the truth! My father- a very wise man - who lived in a small town in Northern Italy and who passed away last year at age 93 used to say: "If you want to know the truth go and ask the littlest among us". It applies so well to these beautiful and wise children. Thank you!

  • yvette

    We, adults can learn from these children, thank you kids..........great!

  • Bobbie

    The child that said kindness makes you magical really inspired me.

  • Patricia

    The WISDOM of children... as well as their spirit of hope!

  • Paula Santos

    There is hope in this video. If all humans treated other as they would like to be treated, this would be a much better place to live. If everyone could put himself in the others shoes and see from that side also...

  • Vicki Jensen

    Life is simple just be kind

  • Carol

    The pure wisdom of children! Beautiful!


    Children are the future of our world. Everything we do should be for them.EVERYTHING

  • miller

    So hopeful to hear such beautiful words. Thank you all !

  • Sr.Janet Cummings

    Dear children May you carry these wonderful messages throughout your lives. You are great and have given us all something to think about. Sr.Janet Cummings rsj

  • Bonnie

    Such Amazing Wisdom!

  • yesuthasan

    all of us have the same future and same nature. the nature is for all. only we human being make difference and we dont live together. we fight and try to conquer and occupy as much as possible. no limits, our wants are unlimited. we become greedy. we dont share. then we try to say this is mine. this is my belonging and try to gather more and more. then comes money , power and status etc. it ends with fight and killing etc. Be kind .....everything will be all right

  • Shirley Jantz

    Thank You, Dear Children. You are wise and wonderful. With Beautiful Blessings to Jessie and Alexandra, and KarmaTube.. keep these coming. With Gracious Love, Shirley

  • Michele

    This video reminded me that we have an obligation/privilege to influence children to become caring, compassionate adults. The whole world could learn from the children on this video. Thier innocence is refreshing.

  • Brian

    Thanks Team...great to hear from the Children...1World...peace

  • Nisha

    This video fills me with a beautiful sense of reassuring hope. For a few months now, I've started to reframe my views about Donald. Inside this man is a young child who wasn't given the love and kindness he needed to flourish into what these children are saying helps people feel loved and connected to others. So I choose to send the little Donald within big Donald, vibes of kindness. It's what everyone wants and needs after all. (Google Epigenetics to make sense of this idea). Nisha. London, UK.

  • Roswitha Willecke

    I would so much like to be able to listen to these wonderful children's comments on "Why be kind" - but, unfortunately, I can only see the film, and hear the lovely music - but I can only faintly hear what these children are saying - and I'm sad and frustrated, because I guess from what I see in this video that these children really have a message for us all to be heard ! What can I do ?

  • Elaine

    Wonderful thoughts, if only these children could influence the many people who are protesting violently, and being violent to those who voted for our president! Very inspiring.

  • charlie

    this is a wonderful video. it shows the wondrous being from whence we all come. so then, where do such virtues go when we become adults? the business person that sneers at the homeless beggar on 5th avenue; the commuters that knock over an elderly person as they rush to catch the next train; the suburban drivers that are annoyed and honk their horns at slower drivers; the leaders of our countries that lie for the "benefit" of a nation? the clergy of all religions that incite their followers to violence? and, on and on. so, where, indeed, does our kindness go?

  • Sara

    Please be kind enough to caption this video (and do not rely on auto-captioning) so that all can benefit from it.

  • Judith Pearson

    "If everyone lit just one little candle what a bright world this would be." Thank you, children of the world.

  • Deirdre

    H The boy who said..."Why be mean? 'Cuz someone is different than you?" It gives me hope that I teach young children and will continue to stress equality, kindness and love for all. If childrne know this, why don't adults??

  • Tracy

    It's good to be reminded that kindness is the cornerstone of humanity. These young adults are spreading the word!

  • Ruth Simone

    Kids inspire with their unfiltered truth about why Kindness is Essential to Highly Civilized Societies.

  • Judy Lutzenberger

    These children restore my hope for our future!

  • Patty Rogers

    The candor and honesty of the children's expressions is inspirational. From the heart - we should all begin from such a humble place!

  • Kathie

    Sometimes, children are wiser than adults. We can learn so much from them!

  • Kathryn

    Love, kindness and respect for one another has always been the answer. We all know it. Why not practice it every day? Believe and achieve! Wonderful to see that parents and teachers are instilling love and hope in their children! Thank you!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    We become the stories we consume, share and tell. thank you for telling a story of love and kindness, it makes an impact! <3 Hugs from my heart to yours, Kristin

  • Abby Straus

    The more we focus on what we want to create, the more we will create it. Thank you for helping us focus on kindness through these lovely young beings.

  • KaZ Akers

    It has to start young! No matter what you can always choose kindness!

  • Harish Puri

    Listening to these children restores my faith that all is not lost despite the rising tide of Xenophobia in the world. These children of today, their innocence and a natural spirit of kindness and compassion give me the hope of a possible good future of humankind. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to them

  • Margaret

    The sweet innocence of children is there in every human heart, but we need the courage to retrieve it when the erroneous ego has influenced us to dismiss it. The ego is a force that will arise in each of us especially with the onset of adolescence. But if enough of us as adults can recall this natural sweetness and really feel it resonating in our hearts, in short order we know without doubt that THIS, the milk of human kindness, is the foundation of anything lasting, anything truly beautiful, and anything resembling wisdom.

  • Susan Sachs

    This gives me hope for our future. So beautiful.

  • Marsha Nelson,PhD

    May the words May the thoughts & words these children spoke ring across the USA

  • Elizabeth Carpentier

    To hear the children say such hopeful things.

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