Love is a funny thing. As the saying goes, we often find love when we least expect, but it might be equally true that when we do find love it's different than we expected. This beautiful short film was created to raise awareness and money for a good cause, which it did. But it has gone so much further in showing us what love looks like, and how we can connect with each other when we have the courage to break down our own walls and become vulnerable.


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  • Nilesh Thali

    possibly the only negative commenter here: after she reveals that she can't hear, his note says, "You're still beautiful"?? still??

  • Rob

    Very beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  • Kathy

    I love this film! A smile is universal for all languages, ASL included. Love, if it is to be, will find a way.

  • Gaydean

    This is a wonderful video that shows that love can break through barriers. Love is expressed in so many ways. The words, "I love you", are probably the least effective and maybe even the least sincere.

  • Breannah

    Such a beautiful film!:)

  • Kelly

    This made me smile so much thank you

  • Brie

    The signing at the end says "Sorry I'm deaf"

  • Pap

    Whats does the sign language at the end mean?

  • angel

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh! this is very touching! oh em! loooooooooooooove!

  • Mindy

    Moving past perceived separation to growing connection. Beautifully done! Thank you <3.

  • Alisha Jejurkar

    This is amazing. I almost cried at the end. :) The Love language is a language that everyone understands :)

  • Tineke

    The way you can connect outside...and the made me smile..hopeful :)

  • yvonne

    This video made me feel happy and hopeful. It was pure innocent joy

  • Lin

    Beautiful, when someone takes the time to enjoy another and build a connection in new & creative ways. Thank you for making this, well done!

  • susanil

    love and anger are blind, till the end it was not know that the character is deaf.

  • Lynn Sperry Whitmey

    Love, remembering "that" special feeling and newness. Most videos I watch just drag on and this one I couldn't stop watching and it went by so fast. When does the next sequel come out??

  • anthony

    Wow... Very surprising ending.. I loved it!

  • Deidre

    How beautifully organic the interaction was...the ability to communicate when there is a perceived barrier. How tender love is/can be when you are just present, in the moment with, what is! Thank you for sharing this!

  • Marion

    inspirational...... never assume... take will find a way....

  • Mr D.K.Oza

    Its artistry> Its message. Its heartwarming tenderness

  • Heera Rupani

    Awesome Video do you have any videos on forgiveness ?

  • wil hazelhorst

    It makes you wonder how te communicate.Beautiful

  • Raj Raghunathan

    Loved the video. Liked the surprise in the end...lovely acting too!

  • ashish

    its really a beautiful piece of expression how destiny helps u in experiencing its beautiful part of love if u make yourself open to it

  • Jeff

    Short, moving and inspiring. Very well done!!!

  • Editha

    Love speaks in many different ways. Love this!!!

  • Iris

    I absolutely LOVED THIS; will share it with my spiritual community--blessings, Rev. Iris

  • Arun Solochin

    Love love love, does it see all this? blindness, special cases, dark, blue, hindu muslim, fat thin. No it doesnt. Love the video. Thank you Karma Tube it was lovely.

  • Marianna

    Guri and Karma Tube Team. You've done it again. Thank you for searching the www for short films that always make me cry. Tears of joy, hope, love.... A bow of gratitude to you.

  • Anne

    The purity of communication between them. How much we risk when we dare to connect and...that we do it anyway

  • phyllis


  • tamilyn

    silence speaks volumes ..beautiful .

  • Judy

    I was so touched I cried and laughed.

  • Lucy

    Silence is golden.

  • Chris

    in tears ... such an exquisite interaction displaying the full potential of the human heart ...

  • Scotty

    I would first start out by saying that not to take off your headphone is a bit of a learned behavior, and not a good one. This is echoed more and more in our youth. They distance themselves with technology so if there is a need for help, they do not ask for it. It would be one thing if they were deaf or Mentally challenged, this I can understand, they sometimes have there own needs. But habits of today are from our past, we learn this from our parents, and role models ignoring us to watch TV or work on something. We further, make this habit even more of a habit by using it to ignore others for fear of being uncomfortable. We should as men/women be more accepting of talking to a stranger in a safe place of course, have short conversation, and exchange smiles. This, in turn, brings a better mood for all we encounter; including our selves. When we share the small moments with each other we fell good for a very long time. Think of it as free heath care.SDW.

  • Suzanne

    speechless :'-)

  • Brian

    Good goin'! L.O.V.E.'s to our Hearing Impaired friends...we teach eachtother....peace...

  • asha

    nice one

  • karim

    ive recently listened to a friend do a Ted Talk about taking "positive social risks" as he calls it. To get over the nerves and interact with a stranger, share a part of ur life, ur day with her/him and maybe you can both learn something from each other. what inspired me about this video is you'll never know what you might stumble onto if you take a positive social risk. you just might stumble into something beautiful. thanks

  • Gina

    I LOVE my deaf friends and am learning ASL now :) sending love~

  • Dian

    This renews my faith in the fact that I am a "hopeful romantic" and always will be. That the innocence of true love with a "soul mate" really exits. My heart was very moved. Thank You.

  • sethi

    Awesome , Thank you

  • maryia

    Silence has words.

  • Kines

    An amazing short film. Awesome. I love that way they're communication and how great is that deaf girl told the truth about her disability. Beautiful story. I almost cried, cause I'm deaf as well.

  • Patrick Victor

    They were initially attracted to each other by the natural beauty in them. They have communicated with each other in the language of love, though not audibly, but with greater understanding and in writing. If the writing part was not there, I think this short film would have conveyed much more to the 'LOVE LANGUAGE'

  • Jacqui

    Its all the little things that we do that counts, buddy! you must be the change that you wanna change, so sweet in deed!!!!

  • BK

    The universe first language

  • patuli

    One of my fondest memories was writing notes on cocktail napkins with a handsome man who was deaf. Connecting with people is louder than hearing words or understanding the same language.

  • Carrie

    So sweet, I loved everything about this video.

  • Marty

    Determination of love.

  • Wendy

    Everything. Their willingness to to accept each others limits in getting to know each other. Their delight in doing so. The surprise of her being deaf .... and his gentle smile, twinkling eyes ... and note. Wow!

  • Love

    Better than texting :)

  • Celia Tijerina

    Love is unexpected and it is deeper than most people choose to see.

  • Garnet and Jen

    What inspired you about this video? -- sorry typo! The beauty of HER courage and the beauty of HIS understanding.

  • Garnet and Jen

    The beauty of his courage and the beauty of his understanding.

  • Karina

    I'm crying for 10 minutes ...

  • khushi

    Amazing....had goosebumps...

  • Neha


  • julia <3

    Amazing at first you don't really think its about being deaf and you think that shes being kinda rude but the guy is awesome to like not give up. I would have done exactly what she did with her song. Some people would find out shes deaf and just walk away! RUDE!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    I had no idea this video was about being deaf. I thought it was solely about love. I perceived she was her song and she became willing to share it (herself) with him as she grew to know and trust him. A great portrayal of human connection, regardless.

  • Silena

    OMG it made me so happy and tingly and brought a tear to my eye. What a wonderful way to raise awareness for people who cannot hear. Thank you!

  • LJ

    cheesily done. but very emotive in its thread of thought. there's an every growing generation of communications out there, and this was a gentle reminder of how the basic mediums are oft the most touching :)

  • liz

    I was inspired by the simplistic beauty of this film. We all communicate with one another and connect in so many ways and on so many levels. And yes, the courage of both of these people in making themselves vulnerable is brilliantly portrayed.

  • Nancy

    It made me cry. Love begins and continues by learning and accepting. By being open and vulnerable. Love is often unexpected and always your heart and you will be amazed at where you find yourself and how you find yourself and who you find there.

  • Matthias

    This video is awesome.

  • Emily

    This was such a touching film, I had tears in my eyes while watching it. I agree with erin, that they connected despite their differences was so beautiful, and I enjoyed watching it!

  • erin

    The feeling of connecting, despite any differences. We are really all the same anyway:)

  • Er.Y.M.Mittal

    Very good Love Language. I liked it very much.

  • Dr.A.V.Pathak

    communication of heart gets though always.It defies all medium.It just needs a soul full of feelings and they flow freely there from.:) Lovely movie.Touched me. "You are beautiful" would have been a better expression..Carol I agree with you.:)

  • lisa

    The hearing wasn't a deciding factor in sharing a connection. In my mind, they've gotten married, have "their park bench" in the backyard under a tree with wind chimes tinkling. She and he are beautiful no matter what. I LOVE both of their smiles! :)

  • Emmanuel

    This video is too beautiful though to short. The way these two connected was superb.

  • bharathi

    hats off to that short flim maker and story writer.. its realy great one.. though they both didnt spea k that flim thought us a lot ... love , confidence.. are the most beautiful

  • carol

    It's darling and charming and does speak to connection. I think however, that I would have had the young man say "you're beautiful" as opposed to 'you're still beautiful', which implies deficit in her difference. The young man's creativity in overcoming the young woman's silence demonstrates how difference can serve beauty and joy; a subtle and and profound communication is born through written word on stickies. The young people are able to demonstrate their wit and intelligence through the game and are able to avoid initial biases by creating a relationship that doesn't rely on the spoken word. Once the relationship is created, they can look forward, despite difference. I can, however, also consider that 'I still think you're beautiful" is an honest response ... the young man is surprised to have his expectations challenged and is recognizing society's bias against difference or 'disability'. He may be stating this recognition of bias, and at the same time negating its influence over his choices and the possibilities of a future relationship between them. Thanks!

  • Carol

    Communication and connecting with others doesn't require words :)

  • Edward

    I love that he kept trying to communicate with her. I love that by the time he discovered why she wasn't speaking to him, it no longer mattered. Perhaps that's why she waited before revealing her special song.

  • Joan

    The simple beauty of taking a chance and allowing oneself to become vulnerable. They both stayed in the truth of who they were and did not take anything personal letting beauty unfold like the emerging "monarch butterfly". Beautiful! Thank you.

  • Marive

    His compassion and her courage to become vulnerable.

  • Martha

    You never know who you will meet and the impact that person may have in your life. Always be open to new ideas, people, disabilities. Open your heart to Love.

  • Michelle

    Oh my gosh, my heart. <3 Such an inspiration and so beautiful.

  • Anne

    The LOVE and respect. :)

  • Lilia Crisostomo

    ...See how the sticky notes connect the two. See how the girl responds with the man's request. The light, easy moments connect the two... the lightness... the openness bring them together... the man's fondness of the girl sees beyond imperfection.

  • Joy

    This was beautiful...the ending was completely unexpected.

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