A group of girls from Mahomet Seymour high school's dance team saw a video by Jon Jorgenson about fear on youtube and made a dance of it that has now been seen by more than 12 million five hundred viewers, (millions more than his original video). It expresses in dance all the fears that beset us and how to develop the courage to face them. Don't miss it!


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  • Vishwas

    The poetry! Brilliant!

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  • If you are interested in the amazing backstory of this video, go to the interview of dance Coach Miller by her friend Amanda Wettersten.
  • Like fear, shame is another major emotion that keeps us from being at our best. See Brene Brown's TED talk that has also had more than 12 million views.
  • Think about the courage of these dancers and Ms. Brown to face issues we hide from ourselves all the time. How can you find the way to feel or be the cause of less fear and shame through more openness and more trust in others and our common humanity.

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