At 5'6", Jason McElwain, or J-Mac, as his friends call him, didn't make the Greece Athena basketball team. Instead, he became the team manager. In his three years as manager, J-Mac only missed one game. In the final home game of the season, his coach had him suit up - and what happened in the space of 240 seconds will make your heart soar.


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  • David Bess

    Well, this amazing kid who loved basketball seiz d the moment when he was called: Carpe Diem!! Focus and poise in a big moment! Special for anybody but incredible for one with Autism!

  • Robert Kelaghan

    Wonderful, wonderful video! Thank you so much for making it! Very inspirational .... I watched it 3x and cried like a baby each time.

  • Kim

    This video brought tears to my eyes, what determination this young man has!!! He will succeed at anything he does. Great job J-mac!!!!

  • "loody"


  • Mahesh Achuthanna

    Give people a chance.Sometimes they are the ones who won't let you down!

  • Carolyn...

    Everyone contributes!

  • anita

    Kind of makes you wonder what J-Mac could have achieved if he had been allowed to play from the beginning, and not given a pity five minutes.

  • Howie

    If this video doesn't motivate or sway your feelings for a few minutes then you must put life on hold. My brain, my muscles, my love, my reason to smile, my reason for all the good or bad I’ve done or the disastrous things happening in our world; are all put to sleep, as I watch this boy create a magical motivational moment for me to feel that my life was misplaced for a certain amount of time while viewing this boy create the calm true reality that could fix any problem if it was tangible enough and had the ability to blanket everyone. Wow… I can’t say how many times I’ve watched this but I can say that I receive the same calming relieve every time I replay it.

  • Don Brennecke

    GREAT Story! You can't fault the coach -- every team member was dedicated to the school and their parents lived vicariously through them... still the coach had the insight and compassion enough to allow him his moment -- a moment NO ONE will forget! whereas had he played more it wouldn't have sent the message three times around the globe: EVERYONE DESERVES A MOMENT IN THE SPOTLIGHT -- BAR NONE!!

  • Kelle

    You can't hold back the tears.

  • Susan

    Although the shot was a thrill, the sadness is that these children need to be included form the get go, not thrown a bone in the last seconds of the game. How would he have felt if it did not go that way. He should have always been allowed to play, even for just a few moments. Inclusion should be the rule not the exception.

  • mark

    I have an autistic son who's in to sport and found this very inspiratinal. What a thrill for J-Mac to shine in front of friends family and team mates.

  • Al

    Great story - so now, why didn't he play the whole game/season/time he was in high school. The shame is that they waited until the last possible moment to trust in him, hopefully the next hero will be believed in a lot earlier.

  • kim

    that is a sik video dan seen to you bois

  • cindy

    Never stop praying and believing that your true desires of the heart can be achieved....with alot of help from the almighty!!

  • Tommy

    The amazing demonstration of belief that whatever your true desire of the heart are you can obtain. Jmac said the basket look like a barrel as he made another 3 pointer.

  • rosenberry

    Congratulations to Jason! What took the coach so long to recognize his talents?

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  • Listen to a song dedicated to J-Mac.
  • Take the time to learn about autism and how it affects millions of children around the world.
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