In this thoughtful video, physicist Peter Russell pays tribute to kindness, suggesting that the world would be a drastically different place if we all showed one another more consideration. For Russell, the idea is simple: by approaching interactions with the intention of enabling others to feel better as a result, we can pave the way toward a society that is built on a foundation of love and respect.


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    "we're all of the same kind" yes, here's to seeing our interconnected humanity <3

  • Carmel

    Truly WONDERFUL and TRUE..LOVE and KINDNESS needed for health too

  • Jason

    Appreciate the message! Simple but so true!

  • Kay

    It’s so simple and yet hard! Love Peter Russell’s messages!

  • Liz Pimentel

    Kindness..."we are all of the same kind" - I've forwarded the video to my friends in the Physics science journey. He's building on John Powells "build bridges among all sentient beings."

  • nadya alvarado

    Kdeness is one of the keys for creating a better future for humanity

  • Michelle Scire

    I practice kindness every day and I can honestly say it makes me high and it makes majic and miracles happen...I could write a book with all that happens...

  • George Chakko

    We can be of the same kind, but not be kind. We can be kind despite racial differences. More love and compassion and the practice of it in your everyday thought, word and deed is what makes difference between a vain preacher and one truly realising it. George Chakko,former U.N.correspondent, now retiree in Vienna, Austria. 08/11/2019 00:07 hrs CET

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  • Complement this video with The Science of Kindness to learn more about the physical and emotional benefits of being kind.
  • World Kindness Day is November 13. Visit this website for random acts of kindness ideas!
  • Interested in raising your kindness quotient? Visit to join a community of like-minded souls changing the world one small act at a time.

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