Poet and author Shane Koyczan narrates this poignant short video on the importance of educating children's hearts as well as their minds. While children need knowledge to prepare them for life, those who love and care for them must also educate their hearts. Teaching compassion, acceptance, tolerance and respect are needed along with knowledge to adequately prepare children for the world.


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  • Sahara

    ' Educate the Heart' ...just reflect on this line- Gives you a many layers of meaning to your life. Thank you for this beautiful video

  • Virginia Reeves

    Overall good message. Learning with and from the heart ought to begin in the home so when children go to school they already know those basics. A certain amount of disappointment helps one to learn to be more grateful for the multitude of good that comes into most lives. Plus, we need to allow children to be just that - not miniature adults. Get off those electronic devices and play with your own imagination, be with others to practice cooperation and compassion, and find places to enjoy nature.

  • Jaylei

    Hi, beautiful video! Please, let the video eligible to receive contributions from the community. I´d like to add subtitles in portuguese.

  • Chinu

    Crisp, effective and really meaningful!

  • Helen C. Gennari

    I so appreciate the reminders that come through this source. Juan Pedro Ruiz Guerrero~~I'm so grateful you chose a different path than what was modeled for you. My father too was a bully, so cruel at times~~and I too chose the way of compassion, acceptance, tolerance and respect. I did the opposite of what I experienced as a child.

  • Juan Pedro Ruiz Guerrero

    Actually, they already know compassion, acceptance and tolerance. We need to NOT teach them the opposite and that, sometimes unfortunately, happens at home. My father was a bully but I refuse to follow in his footstep and remained a "child" at heart.

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  • Learn about the efforts of the Dalai Lama's Center for peace and education.
  • Explore resources for educating the heart as well as the mind. 
  • Intentionally model compassion, acceptance and respect for the children in your life. 

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