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How do we relate to the land that sustains us—as a source of belonging or as a source of belongings? As the planet teeters on the brink of environmental collapse, botanist, teacher, and author Robin Wall Kimmerer urges us to consider our broken relationship to the Earth and the hard choices that lie before us by examining the history of her Potawatomi ancestors. Through cultivating the sense of respect and gratitude for nature inherent in indigenous teachings, Kimmerer invites us to reclaim that wisdom and renew our earthly relationships to restore honor in the way we live. By rejecting the notion of nature as supplier, taking only those gifts that are freely given, the power of the sun, the blowing wind and the rolling surf, we have an opportunity to model ancient pathways and create a new sustainable vision for the living world.


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  • Judith Brown

    I love how Robin Kimmerer goes beyond science and, and while not leaving it behind, goes into the spiritual heart of the issue of climate change and ecological crisis -- our right relationship with the land (not to the land).

  • Diane Pfautz

    If you are a gardener, you appreciate nature in all its glory. Plant a few seeds and observe! This is a treasured lesson learned from my Mother.

  • John Lerwill

    What a beautifully rendered video! Robin is truly inspirational in her humility and deep source of knowledge. It's the sort of video that needs to be widely spread. The pat that had the most impact on me was when she alluded to the fact that we know so much about corporate logos but cannot name the origin of more than 10 plant leaves! A reminder, surely, that we have drifted away from ourselves ... and our source. Help us dear Creator to find ourselves again.


    Robin has made me look more closely at the world around me...I share her passion with my family and grandchildren....reading Braiding Sweetgrass...a book everyone should read. It will reconnect those who are disconnected from the Earth....the Earth is not a playground.. I have managed to grow some sacred Sweetgrass from seed...it will have special place in our home❤️

  • claire

    Robin's speaks through the broken openness of her heart which gives her words resonance and authority. How can we forget what we have forgotten? Thank you, Robin, for helping me remember to remember

  • Betty Anguiano

    My love for Mother Earth, the Universe & the magic of nature. Like the movie GrassHarp. My respect & admiration of the amazing Native Americans. Thank you Robin!

  • Penny

    What inspired me about this video? Robin’s voice. For in her voice I hear her humility, honor, gentleness, gratefulness, love, compassion, and more. It is a privilege to ‘meet’ a woman who is committed to living in harmony with all of nature by taking the responsibility to learn and grow and know she belongs. She is a beautiful woman.

  • Nancy

    Inspiration to be shared and to live. I will and sadly embrace those storms caused by the collision of culture that continue today. We are one.

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  • Learn more about the Potawatomi people, their history, culture and more.
  • Read an in-depth interview with Kimmerer. 
  • Think about the ways you can become a better student of nature and open the door to reciprocity with your home planet.  

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