At Lentil As Anything, there are no prices on the menu. Believing that trust immediately creates a culture of generosity, this non-profit restaurant allows customers to decide the worth of the food and the experience. It has been operating for 10 years, with up to 400 staff in its peak, and still feeds about 1,500 people a day (including a school)! Founder Shanaka Fernando says, "I'm not a millionaire. I don't even have any assets. Um, my bank account is 0. But I've got millions of dollars worth of goodwill in the community, and that's enough to sustain me."


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  • zet

    great article.

  • Natasha Rawdon-Jones

    Beautiful work! We would love to hear more about your generosity story for our Please Take One Step generosity campaign :) Thank you for making it happen. Best wishes, Natasha

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  • Learn more about Lentil As Anything and their many projects - including support services for refugees, youth, and the disadvantaged.

  • Volunteer or dine at a pay-it-forward restaurant like Karma Kitchen or Seva Cafe. Create a pay-it-forward dining experience in your own hometown!

  • The most profound philosophies are imparted through the simplest of means. Think of a small act you can take today to express the boundless generosity that lies within you.

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