In this short animated film, "The Locust Mystery," learn how the gentle harmless grasshopper and the devouring devastating locust are actually the same creature. And how we, also, have many differing "selves" that emerge under various circumstances.


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  • Deborah

    Shawdow and Light in this situation what is causing the imbalance of the drought? can it be traced to Human miscreation?

  • Sahara

    A very insightful video with a great message..Thank you

  • stephen wheeler

    Perhaps there is no good or bad side to the grasshopper/locust, they are just responding to nature and the universe and behaving as necessary. Why do have to control this behavior? Perhaps this is what got nus as humans to the point of fearing death so much that we allow our global economy to collapse? Many cultures value death as much as life, perhaps we should do the same? Are we the virus?

  • Audrey Biloon

    Great video but it stopped just when it really started to make its point. It needed to be longer to discuss how we can keep the grasshopper side of the self in the forefront and relegate the locust side to the dustbin.

  • Sister Marilyn Lacey

    Such a simple and profound visualization of who we are as individuals and as humanity. As someone who loved and played with grasshoppers during my childhood and now in adulthood have seen locusts swarming in Africa, it's humbling to realize how readily we refuse to recognize both of those realities in our own hearts. Thank you.

  • Mike

    So much here that has psycho-spiritual importance. I will bring this to my faith sharing group.

  • Paul

    The shadow self as an aspect personality that will dominate the core personality when the time is right.

  • Annette

    Not that we have multiple personalities, but that the sum total of who we are, appear to be is a conglomeration of complex identities. I couldn't describe myself in just one word unless that word contained all of me. No such word.......maybe, "woman"?

  • Yvonne

    It brings truth closer to each one of us....we are more than we believe ourselves to be and act less than who we really are....👏

  • paul

    Cool video. Too bad it is not closed captioned for the Deaf and Hearing impaird.

  • Gladys Mangiduyos

    Thank you. This reminds me of becoming the person I need to be in certain circumstances.

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