Featuring 9 Nobel Laureates, with narration by Sir Ben Kingsley, Disparity film shows how governments use our $150bn foreign aid money and offers solutions on how this money can be better used. Watch Disparity for free and become informed and empowered about how your tax dollars could more effectively reach the people that need it most.


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  • The mission of Real Aid is to petition richer governments to roll out the $100BN MM Aid model to clean up Foreign Aid and to double its funding for global charities. Watch Disparity; share the film on social media,
  • Stand in solidarity with the journalists and activists of films like Disparity by supporting organizations like The International Federation of Journalists.
  • Watch Anand Giridharada’s Opening Keynote on the philanthropy paradox at the Obama Foundation 2017 Summit, then reflect on how you engage with disparity, and commit to taking action.

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