Biomimicry presents a way to learn from the natural world in order to better design forms, processes, and systems that are inherently regenerative. In this new film, Janine Benyus, co-founder of the Biomimicry Insititute, walks us through the emerging discipline, and we meet up-and-coming companies who are working to bring their innovation to market by asking "How would nature do this?"


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  • Carrie Payne

    The indigenous peoples have long known this. I am so glad the USA now has a Native American woman(Deb Haaland)on board.

  • Carrie Payne

    I love this - We needed this decades ago when this information was available! Thank you for this Karma Tube - I am sharing a lot!

  • Barbara

    WOW! Wow and wow again. Nature is so wonderful in giving us everything we need. It is so exciting to see all these ideas being developed and supported in this way. x

  • Colleen Guest

    Fits with a quote I have long held to be so true, which is by Dioscorides (AD 40-90) and goes NATURE WILL NEVER FOLLOW PEOPLE BUT PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO FOLLOW THE LAWS OF NATURE. Great to see the message has finally come through to fruition! Well done!

  • Mara Stevens

    Absolutely everything! Thank you



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  • Want to know more? Dive deeper into the ideas and uses of mimicing the designs of the natural world.
  • Start the 30 day reconnection series to really see, understand and reconnect with your local natural world.
  • Take time today to go outside and reflect on the design of something in nature. Consider how that design might help you with a problem you are struggling to understand.

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