In this beautifully animated film, Holocaust survivor Eva Kor tells the powerful story of her time in Auschwitz, where she, along with her twin sister Miriam, were used as human guinea pigs, subjected to horrific experiments. Years later, feeling the need to free herself from the horrors of the past, Eva wrote a letter of forgiveness to a Nazi doctor, who agreed to accompany her to Auschwitz. When she realized she had the power to forgive, she finally felt free. "You can never change what happened in the past, all you can do is change how you react to it."


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  • alain

    her incredible determination to survive and live at such a young age in order to protect her sister

  • Sky

    Something to point out is this: The German doctor was sorrowful. He made a statement that the deaths took place/happened. He met her on her journey. That is an important part of this story. Reconciliation happened because the Truth was stated and that validated Eva Kor and her family's suffering. For Eva to reach this point meeting the doctor and seeing his contrite heart was essential. A brave woman, indeed. Thank you.

  • Sahara

    FORGIVNESS..such powerful act ! How often we feel chained and bitter? Let's forgive and see how you feel ! Thank you Eva for teaching me this beautiful lesson.A wonderfully made soultouching video...A tribute to this great Lady.

  • Susan

    Crying. Can’t imagine this. I have a Long way to go.

  • Nancy

    Eva acted on an inspiration to revisit and forgive. a gift to herself, the one forgiven and to the rest of us through this video.

  • Karen

    In these unusual times, it is such a blessing and gift to watch the beautiful story of Eva and her willingness to forgive. This little film was so created so well. Thank you for the beautiful reminder that it is I, who holds the power to forgive, to love and to help make the world a better place. Am deeply grateful. Thank you.

  • Adriana E. Avila

    Wow, that was very beautiful. Thank you to the team of animators bringing this story to life. I wish for future consideration that there are subtitles/captions to read along with the dialogue. Not only in this video, but for all eventually. Again thank you for this testimony.

  • Marianne

    I am inspired to find joy through forgiveness

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  • Inspired by Eva's story, how can you forgive someone in your past?

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