In this beautifully animated film, Holocaust survivor Eva Kor tells the powerful story of her time in Auschwitz, where she, along with her twin sister Miriam, were used as human guinea pigs, subjected to horrific experiments. Years later, feeling the need to free herself from the horrors of the past, Eva wrote a letter of forgiveness to a Nazi doctor, who agreed to accompany her to Auschwitz. When she realized she had the power to forgive, she finally felt free. "You can never change what happened in the past, all you can do is change how you react to it."


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  • Marianne

    I am inspired to find joy through forgiveness

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  • Read more about Eva and the Candles Holocaust Museum.
  • Learn about others who have chosen forgiveness as their path to healing.
  • Inspired by Eva's story, how can you forgive someone in your past?

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